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Basement Waterproofing Forest Hills

Basement Waterproofing Forest Hills

More than 6,500 people call Forest Hills home, and like many boroughs in Pennsylvania it is filled with history, culture, and a diverse population. Situated along the Lincoln Highway, it’s famous for many things including the abundance of parks in the area like Bright Park.

But enjoying those parks and other activities in the area isn’t easy to do when you have issues with your home. One problem homeowners here may face is an issue with damp basements, and it’s important that any homeowner get the basement waterproofing Forest Hills homes need to stay dry.

Why Waterproofing Matters

A surprising number of people don’t realize just how important this step is, however. Basement waterproofing Forest Hills homes is something we take seriously, and something that any homeowner in the area should as well. Here’s a look at some of the primary reasons that this is one aspect of maintenance and repair you can’t ignore.

• Failure to waterproof a home can lead to structural damage caused by rot, and to things like larger foundation cracks. These issues can grow into much larger problems and lead to much higher overall costs to repair than the cost of preventative waterproofing.

• Basement waterproofing Forest Hills homes can actually increase property value, helping you get more liquidity from your home and boost potential resale value at the same time.

• Waterproofing also helps eliminate the chance of mold growth becoming a major issue. Mold can release spores, which in turn can lead to a variety of different health issues including respiratory problems.

• The peace of mind that comes from basement waterproofing is immeasurable, and helps homeowners rest easy knowing that their home is safe from damp basements.

Waterproofing your home is vital for your home’s future, and as you can see above, it’s something that any homeowner needs to pay attention to.

The Pennsylvania Weather And Your Home

Like most areas in Pennsylvania, Forest Hills cycles through cold, wet winters, and severe weather in spring and summer in many instances. In fact, snowfalls of 100 inches annually aren’t uncommon, and rainfall is regular throughout the year.

Those weather conditions set up a lot of challenges for your home. While the rainfall is obviously a potential problem for a leaking foundation, the heavy snow and cold temperatures are what really become problematic.

As spring and summer approach, ice will thaw and snow will melt. This can place your basement walls at the mercy of even higher levels of moisture – and if moisture found its way into cracks and froze, it could leave behind even larger cracks. In short, basement waterproofing Forest Hills homes is something that is very important.

Do You Need Waterproofing?

One big question that is often asked is simply whether or not your home needs basement waterproofing. The simple answer is that basement waterproofing Forest Hills homes is something that needs to take place at every house in the region. But if you’re unsure as to whether or not your home is experiencing water related issues that demand quick waterproofing solutions, a few basic signs are worth looking for.

Here are some of the key signs that waterproofing may be needed in your basement.

• Dark spots or areas on concrete or cinder block walls are signs that moisture is moving into the home. Even if no standing water is visible, these dark areas are caused by moisture in the walls and are a clear sign that a problem exists.
• Standing water, water running down walls, or other very obvious presences of water need to be dealt with immediately.
• The appearance of mold is another major sign. Mold can occur due to even low levels of dampness, but can lead to serious problems within the home.
• Moldy, musky, or mildew smells are all signs that moisture may be a problem, even if you don’t see visible water within the basement.
• Even if none of these signs are present, it’s important to consider basement waterproofing Forest Hills homes if the home hasn’t had waterproofing done in the last ten years.

Protecting your basement means protecting your investment in your home and also protecting your family. It’s important that every homeowner in Forest Hills and the surrounding area pay attention to waterproofing and what it can do for their home. Our team can help you get the dry basement you need, and we proudly offer free estimates.