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Basement Waterproofing Eldersburg


Basement Waterproofing Eldersburg Eldersburg, MD is situated in southern Maryland and like most locations in the state it has a rich history dating back hundreds of years – many locations here like the Moses Brown House are on the National Register of Historic Places. More than 30,000 people live in Eldersburg, many of them in older homes. And whether you’re in an older home or a new one, one thing that you’ll need to pay attention to is how effective the basement waterproofing Eldersburg homes have in place.

The Importance Of Waterproofing

Basement waterproofing Eldersburg homes is one of the most important parts of their construction, repair, and remodeling. Waterproofing helps ensure that no moisture finds its way into the basement or crawlspace of a home. If this isn’t in place, serious problems can occur including:
• Rot
• Mold growth
• Mildew
• Flooding
Each of these issues can bring numerous issues that will lead to heavy repairs. And in the case of mold growth, health risks are present as well. By taking the time to let our team handle the task of basement waterproofing Eldersburg homes, you can protect yourself and your family.

Also, waterproofing is a kind of investment in your investment. By waterproofing a home, you safeguard against the chance of needing serious repairs which in turn can save you a tremendous amount of money – it’s cheaper to waterproof ahead of time than to deal with mold remediation and structural repairs.
The Problem With The Freeze 
In most cases, homes begin with a waterproof basement. Those thick concrete or cinder block walls can shield against most moisture. But over time, tiny stress cracks will form in any basement wall. The key is protecting against those cracks from getting larger.

This is an especially major problem with Maryland winters, which regularly drop to the 20s and have heavy snow and ice. When a tiny crack fills with water, and that water freezes, the crack can expand. Then, as the spring thaw occurs, a larger crack is left behind. As this continues, it can develop into a leaking basement that leads to serious issues.

Then, as the summer rains begin to fall, the basement walls are faced with much higher levels of moisture. And as subsequent spring thaws occur, moisture levels in the earth increase dramatically due to thawing snow and melting ice. Basement waterproofing Eldersburg homes can protect against this ‘deep freeze’ problem and keep your home dry all year.

Does Your Home Need Basement Waterproofing?

The big question for most homeowners in Eldersburg is simple – does your home need to be visited by our waterproofing experts? There are several signs that can let you know that you need to consider having us provide you with a free, no risk evaluation and estimate.

• If you notice pools of water or wet spots on the walls or floors of your basement, it’s the obvious sign that major leaking is occurring and that you need to let the pros take a look at it.

• Visible moisture doesn’t have to be in pools of water, however. If you see dark spots or darker areas on the concrete walls or floor, those dark spots are there because of heavy moisture content finding its way into the walls.

• Musty, moldy smells are also a symptom of leaking basements, and even if you don’t immediately see moisture, smelling the odors associated with it can mean that a problem exists somewhere.

• Mold growth occurs when a basement is too damp, and if you see mold you need to act quickly and get the help your basement requires. Mold can cause serious health risks if left uncorrected.

• Finally, if your home hasn’t had waterproofing done in several years or if you’re unsure of its waterproofing history, letting our team take a look can give you the peace of mind you need where your basement is concerned.

If your home has any of these symptoms, it’s in your best interests to get a quick inspection and free estimate from our team. Basement waterproofing Eldersburg homes isn’t a DIY project that can be completed in an hour by a homeowner. It can involve a lot of different steps and techniques beginning with diagnosis and ranging through numerous methods of correction. In other words, you need the pros on your side. We’re here and ready to give you the dry basement your home deserves.