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Basement Waterproofing Dunn Loring

Dunn Loring is one of the oldest subdivisions in Virginia, but despite the age of the town, it’s a great place for 21st century families to live thanks to the quality education children receive from schools in the area. But life here isn’t just about academics for children. Dunn Loring Park is a perfect place to enjoy Virginia’s great outdoors, and Dunn Loring Pool provides the whole family with both exercise and entertainment.

But the suburban bliss of Dunn Loring can mislead people into thinking that as long as their homes look fine on the outside, there’s nothing to be concerned about. Inside however, more specifically right underneath their feet, there may be a problem developing. With local homes ranging in age anywhere from 200 years to brand new, any one of these places could be vulnerable to damage from water, but basement waterproofing in Dunn Loring can solve these issues.

Water Acts Slowly

The mistake most people make with water in the basement is not understanding what it means. Someone conducting a quick inspection of their home may discover that a little water is leaking in. Because the amount is so small, it’s easy—and even understandable—to see how a homeowner would think that this nothing to worry about and ignore it.

But a little water coming into a basement is just like a little water leaking through a roof and onto the ceiling. Even a little bit of water is not something a basement is supposed to admit. If you have a finished basement, complete with drywall and carpeting, you already know you can’t allow this to regularly accumulate in even small amounts because it damages the work that’s already been done. If your basement is unfinished and you don’t think you’ll ever want to do more work on it, you’re getting an early warning from your basement that there is a small problem that could be fixed now, or you can ignore it and allow it grow worse, ultimately bringing down the value of your home and making it a difficult sell until you do get around to getting the problem repaired, which will be much more costly at a later date than it would have been in the earlier stages.

Water works slowly, but if it is allowed to continue without interference, it can eventually cause a great deal of damage. Through the process of “frost heaving” water can freeze in soil and actually lift a foundation and then drop it again as the spring melt arrives. Over a period of years, this can damage the foundation. Water can leak into a basement through a process known as hydrostatic pressure. If there is enough water and enough pressure, it can bleed through the walls and floors, and this amount increases if it finds structural weaknesses to exploit. With enough pressure, water can actually deform the shape of basement walls and crack floors, which allows even more water in and accelerates the rate at which damage occurs.

Water can even cause your home to tear apart if it erodes the soil underneath your foundation, which causes a major imbalance in how your home is distributing its weight. This can cause a home to tilt, or even move in different directions which put cracks in walls, make window and door frames crooked and eventually split a house if it is allowed to continue. Fortunately, basement waterproofing in Dunn Loring can address all of these issues.

Call In The Professionals

AA Action Waterproofing has accumulated years of experience helping people with their wet basement problems. If you call us, we will respond with a consultation at your home where you can explain what the problem is, and show us the affected areas you’ve already discovered. We then conduct our own in depth investigation using our knowledge and equipment to analyze the water penetration, assess the extent of the damage and find out why the water has come into the basement in the first place.

Once we have determined the cause, we can create a solution that addresses the problem. Hydrostatic pressure can usually be relieved with drain tile that redirects the water away from the walls and floor and transfers it somewhere else. If water is coming in because a foundation has been damaged, we stabilize the foundation first, restoring whatever support it needs so it can properly distribute the weight of the house again, and then we can repair that damage that was caused by these stress forces.

Whatever the problem you have, if you need basement waterproofing in Dunn Loring, you can count on AA Action Waterproofing to provide efficient, expert service that will put a stop to the problems once and for all.