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Basement Waterproofing Dundalk

Dundalk may not be one of the high profile areas of Baltimore, but it’s still a place where families live, and the Dundalk historic district still preserves some of the legacy of the community. The CCBC-Dundalk is here as well, formerly known as the Dundalk community college, and, of course, Back River Waste Water treatment plant is located in the area as well.

But while everything seems like it may be “business as usual” on the streets and roads of Dundalk, there may be a problem facing homeowners that they’re not even aware of. It takes place right under their feet, in the basements of their own home, and it has to do with water. A leaky basement may not seem like something to get concerned over, but without basement waterproofing in Dundalk, these little problems can grow very large, serious and expensive to deal with.

How Water Hurts People & Homes

A little bit of water in the basement may not be cause for concern, in terms of how much damage it causes. But that presence of water—especially if it happens on a regular basis—is a warning to the homeowners that there is a problem developing that can grow much larger. Water takes a long time to damage a basement and a home, but it will do so eventually if it is ignored and given the time it needs to work on a basement’s weaknesses.

The consistent presence of water, or at the very least water vapor, can create a damp atmosphere that, when combined with the cooler temperatures and darker spaces of a basement, are an ideal environment for mold to survive in. Mold infestations reproduce quickly under the right conditions, and they spread by sending spores into the air. As long as people live in a residence that has a mold infestation, they are breathing in those spores, and this leaves them open to potential sickness, sometimes even serious lung infection if the mold present is especially aggressive and pathogenic.

The other health hazard is through the sewage line. While a basement itself may be good at keeping water out, there’s no defense against a flood if the water enters the home through an actual pipe. In some places, a sewer line the neighborhood uses may no longer be sufficient to withstand changes in the weather or the addition of new volumes of water it was never intended to carry. When that happens, water in a sewer can go over capacity, and rather than running straight through the line, pressure can force sewer water back up through the pipes intended to carry waste away from homes. This means that sewer water can then enter a basement and present a massive health hazard to everyone in the home because of the untreated waste now entering through the line.

But water itself can also damage the home, not just threaten the health of residents. Too much water in the soil around a home can exert hydrostatic pressure that can crack walls and floors. Water can disrupt the soil on which a foundation was originally built, causing an imbalance in the home’s weight and this can damage both the foundation and the home itself. All these are serious problems that professional basement waterproofing in Dundalk can solve.

How We Can Help

AA Action Waterproofing has years of experience helping residents of Dundalk and other parts of Baltimore and Maryland to cope with wet basement problems. When you have a problem, we send a team of professionals over for an in depth consultation where you share your concerns, and show us where the affected areas. From there, we conduct our own investigation to determine the exact way that water is entering, and determine the cause for why it is happening, which is important in our process of formulating a solution.
If sewer water is coming into your home through the sewage line, a backwater valve, for example, is an ideal fix that will physically block water from entering your home instead of exiting it as intended. If mold is present in your home, this is an immediate health risk to all occupants, and we would strongly recommend a mold remediation procedure first to ensure the health and safety of everyone in the home.

For more straightforward issues of water penetrating a basement, we will either conduct foundation repair to stabilize a home and prevent more cracks from appearing that would admit water, or recommend a membrane barrier to keep water out. In other situations, a French drain and sump pump system is good alternative for channeling large amounts of water in the house and redirecting to a safe distance away.

If you need basement waterproofing in Dundalk, you need experts to deal with the problem. AA Action Waterproofing is there to help.