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Basement Waterproofing Denton MD

How Does Your Basement Look?

Think about your basement: is it a dry, clean space that you can live in or is it damp, musty, and moldy? If the later sounds more accurate it might be time to look into our Denton basement waterproofing services.

What is Basement Waterproofing?

When you waterproof your basement you are making the choice to keep your home as safe and secure as possible. Here in Denton we’re not strangers to damp weather. Sudden rainstorms can expose your home to an influx of moisture. With a waterproof basement, however, you won’t have to worry about leakage or flooding.

Our Basement Waterproofing Denton service uses a few different techniques to keep your house tight and dry. We may apply waterproof sealant from the inside or dig down to waterproof the outside of your foundation. How do we know which method is most appropriate? By talking to you.

We’ve lived and worked in the Denton area for years. We know the challenges that the houses in our area are up against, especially when it comes to waterproofing. Some of us have had problems in our own homes. Even so, there’s no one size fits all solution. We’ll take the time to talk with you and get a clear understanding of your home’s needs in order to find the best course of action.

Every Home is Different

If you’ve gone down to your basement to find it covered in six inches of standing water, you probably understand that you have a problem. However, not all signs of leakage are obvious. We’ve talked with homeowners who have noticed mold growth, damage, and rot in their wooden fixtures and deterioration of their carpets. All of these symptoms (and more) are signs of water damage.

Basement Waterproofing Denton Shouldn’t be Put Off

Nobody likes having work done on their home. Not only can it be expensive, it’s also a massive inconvenience. We’ve been there, which is why we’re dedicated to providing all of our customers with a reasonable, reliable quote before we begin work. We move fast and stay on budget, leaving you with a safe, dry home without any unnecessary hassle.

What happens if you put off waterproofing? You put your home and your family at risk of damage and health problems. Even tiny leaks in your basement can let in moisture, creating an atmosphere perfect for mold growth. Mold and mildew smell awful and may cause an allergic response or respiratory problems. Uncontrolled mold growth creates a very dangerous living situation, especially for small children and people with breathing difficulties.

Putting off waterproofing also increases the risk of serious property damage. You might start to notice your walls bowing or buckling, the floor may drop, or the whole house may move. This type of damage is dangerous to be around and can be massively expensive. Fortunately, all of this is avoidable if your basement is waterproof.

How Do I Know if My Basement Is at Risk?

There are many risk factors that can increase your risk of basement flooding. One of the factors we see most often in Denton is homes built near the water. Rising water levels can easily lead to a flooded basement. If you live on the water and your basement isn’t waterproof you are at risk for serious damage.

Having an older house with a foundation that hasn’t been renovated is another risk factor. Modern houses have different codes and use different building practices to help keep water out. Older houses do not have these benefits and are more likely to experience flooding.

Does your lawn or driveway slope downwards towards your house? If so, water can easily run downhill and pool next to your foundation. Over time this can cause damage that may lead to leaks. We can help to counteract this tendency.

Waterproofing and Your Home’s Value

Is your home on the market or are you thinking of selling in the future? Our Denton
waterproofing services can increase your home’s value and might make buyers more interested in making an offer. First of all, dank, damp basements are the perfect environment for mold growth. Mold and mildew leads to odors that are sure to send prospective buyers running.

A waterproof basement gives you extra living space. You could build a home office, exercise room, or family area. Even if you don’t have a plan for the space, someone interested in buying your house certainly will.

When Should I Call?

Not sure if you should give us a call? If you’ve recently experienced any warning signs of water damage it may be time. Standing water isn’t the only indicator that you have a leak. Damp, humid air is a good indicator, as is condensation on cold wall and floors during warm weather. Keep an eye out for water damage, both on your wall coverings and on your wooden fixtures. Finally, look for a white, powdery deposit on masonry materials. This is called efflorescence and is a common indicator that water is seeping in.

There are many reasons why you might want to get in touch with our Denton waterproofing service. Whatever your rationale, get in contact now before irreversible damage occurs. We’d be happy to talk with you further about what we can do to help maintain your home’s integrity and improve its value.

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