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Basement Waterproofing Deale

Deale is an idyllic “fishing village” in some ways, as it enjoys a very scenic view of Chesapeake Bay, and maintains a quiet, rural life. The Sudley is one of the historical homes that people can see for a taste of what early American life was like, but in the modern era, the town has given birth to the Brothers Osborne, a proud contribution to country music, and the local radio station, WRYR-LP keeps the community informed, but for fisherman and boaters, this is the place to be. Shipwright Harbor and Herrington Harbor North are great marinas that give enthusiasts easy access to the bay.

But the sedate, peaceful lifestyle of Deale may make residents complacent about some of the problems they can encounter in their home. While most people worry about storm damage, or other elements attacking the exterior of their home, many people forget about the welfare of their interior, especially the basement. It’s not a part of the home many people give a lot of thought, but the basement maintains an important function in the welfare of the home, and ignoring a leaky basement can lead to serious problems at a later period of time, unless prudent thinking and basement waterproofing in Deale step in to deal with the situation.

A Basement Under Threat

While many people think of the basement as just the big, concrete hole under a home, it was built there for a specific reason. For some homeowners, a basement can be a means of adding both more usefulness and more value to a home by finishing it to add extra rooms, such as a home theater or game room. But even for people that don’t take advantage of that extra space, the basement performs a vital function in home maintenance. This is where key support systems like a furnace, water heater and fuse box are usually located. Laundry and storage also occur in the basement. But, most important of all, the basement is actually part of the foundation of a home, and fulfills the role holding the entire home up through the carefully planned construction of pillars, walls and the concrete floor to evenly distribute the burden of weight that is the home above, and provide stability and safety that, ideally, residents never even notice. Water, however can change all that.

It can happen through indirect or direct means, but water, when ignored, can be threat to both the basement and the home above it.

A damp basement provides the perfect environment for mold to grow, and if you have a finished basement, that mold can grow within the drywall itself, or under rugs and carpets. A mold infestation spreads by sending spores into the air, putting all residents at risk as they breathe in these spores. This can lead to sickness, and with some more pathogenic mold, a lung infection that requires serious medical attention.

When water is actually present in larger amounts, it doesn’t even have to get into the basement in order to hurt it. A large amount of water outside the basement can affect the soil surrounding a foundation in different ways. Frost heaving from freezing and melting water can lift a foundation and damage it. Water moving away the soil underneath the foundation can also damage both the foundation and, eventually the entire structure of the home.

If water actually comes into a home due to flooding or hydrostatic pressure, this wreaks havoc with whatever is in the basement. But all of these issues can be overcome with proper basement waterproofing in Deale.

Specific Solutions To Specific Problems

Every home is going to have a different problem based on the interplay of the environment, the climate and the structure of a home. And these unique characteristics will require solutions specific to that home. AA Action Waterproofing has years of experience dealing with wet basement problems in Deale and throughout the rest of Maryland using the latest equipment and our considerable knowledge to arrive at the correct procedures a home needs to stop water from entering the basement.

After a professional consultation, we will make a recommendation based on our findings. If you already have mold in your home, the top priority should be the health and safety of residents with mold remediation to eliminate the mold and then treat the area to prevent that mold from returning.

If mold is not an issue, then basement waterproofing in Deale moves on to specific procedures such as foundation repair to stabilize a home and prevent further damage, or a tile drain system installed to alleviate hydrostatic pressure and keep undue stress away from the basement walls and floors.

Whatever your problem is, AA Action Waterproofing can analyze it, understand it, and provide a solution that permanently fixes the issue.