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Basement Waterproofing Davidsonville

Davidsonville is not just a small town that provides a haven for families to enjoy a stable, peaceful life, it is also a place with some notable history. The Anne Arundel Free School in Lavall is an example of a piece of colonial history that is still well preserved today, but Davidsonville Park allows residents to enjoy modern conveniences in a natural environment to make the most of their town.

However, Davidsonville’s more rural, natural setting has drawbacks as well as advantages, and those drawbacks come in the form of water. Water is not the kind of issue that most people will give much thought, especially if they don’t inspect their home regularly, or find only a little bit of a leaky basement. But ignoring this problem doesn’t make it go away, and without basement waterproofing in Davidsonville, it can grow much worse and more expensive.

The Many Threats Of Water

Water can hurt a home—and the residents inside—in a number of ways, some direct and some less so. A leaky or wet basement may not cover a basement in large amounts of water, but it creates a damp environment, and that dampness persists over long periods of time, this can bring about the start of a mold infestation.

Mold is always in the air, as spores, and when it finds a cool, dark, wet environment, it has the all requirements it needs to flourish. Once a mold colony begins, it spreads by sending even more spores into the air. These spores permeate the atmosphere of an entire household, and all residents breathe in these spores as long as they remain in the home. This can eventually lead to health issues, especially for those with respiratory problems to begin with, but some forms of mold have pathogenic properties and breathing in their spores can cause a very severe lung infection that requires serious medical treatment, and likely means the victim can’t return to the home until the spores are cleared out. It is simply not safe to breathe.

Water can also hurt the structure of the home itself. When a large enough amount of water surrounds a home, hydrostatic pressure from that water pushes against the walls and the floors. That can be the cause of a leaky basement, as the water bleeds through the walls and floors collecting in pools. If that hydrostatic pressure is greater, it can exert even more force, bending walls, or cracking floors, causing actual physical damage to the basement itself and clearing the way for more water to enter and more damage to occur.

Depending on the position of a home, water can penetrate the basement simply because there is too much water in the soil. If a home is located at the low point of an area with a lot of hills and other inclines, water will naturally run off from those higher location and accumulate at the lowest lying area. If a home is in that vicinity, then a layer of water, or even flooding, may be a regular occurrence with every major rainfall, and this can be a serious problem, especially if you are entertaining plans to finish the basement and use it for other rooms. Fortunately, basement waterproofing in Davidsonville can address all of these issues.

Bring In The Experts

A problem with water in the basement isn’t going to be taken care of with a quick, DIY fix. These types of repairs are superficial at best and will not stop the problem of the water coming in. Real, comprehensive basement waterproofing in Davidsonville requires professional work, which is what you get when you contact AA Action Waterproofing.

We have years of experience helping Davidsonville residents and others in Maryland with their wet basement problems. We conduct thorough consultations with clients that need our help, listening to their problems, and investigating the problem areas for ourselves. We track down the exact source of the problem and find out not just how water is entering the basement, but why it is happening, which forms the basis of our solution.

Depending on the situation with a home, we can treat the water problem in a number of ways. The presence of mold in a basement should be treated immediately, and we make mold remediation our priority for the health and safety of residents. If mold is no longer an issue, we can use drain tiles to relieve hydrostatic pressure, or a French Drain and sump pump system to actively redirect water away from a home if flooding is an issue.

Whatever the problem is you are having with water in your basement, AA Action Waterproofing has the experience and the equipment to solve it for you once and for all.