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Basement Waterproofing Darlington

Many towns around Maryland have history, but few of them are regarded as historical. Darlington is one of those exceptions, with the entire Darlington historical district registered as an area with an impressive legacy of America’s past. The Darlington United Methodist Church, Deer Creek Friends Meeting House and many other buildings throughout the area are protected structures that preserve the legacy of American history.

And that’s why for a town with such an important role in the preservation of American history, the residents of Darlington need to remain vigilant. While rain, snow and other environmental hazards may pose a threat to the many historical buildings, there’s another threat from below that could pose an even bigger danger. A wet or leaky basement isn’t something most people will notice, but without basement waterproofing in Darlington, these valuable pieces of American architectural history could be permanently, irrevocably damaged.

The Danger Of Underground Water

Unlike the type of home damage most owners will be familiar with, such as a tree branch hitting the home, or a baseball flying through a window, water is not a fast acting threat that hits your home quickly and hard. Water is a force of erosion in nature, meaning that it works on a much longer, geological time scale. It can attack any substance it encounters by carrying away tiny particles, gradually wearing it away, with the Grand Canyon being the most spectacular example of what water can do without interference.

When water focuses on a home, this property of erosion can work in a few ways. As an indirect force, water can affect the soil that surrounds a home. It can freeze in the winter, causing that soil to expand and squeeze on a home’s foundation, literally lifting it out of place in a process called “frost heaving,” which can damage the foundation. Water in liquid form can also affect the soil the foundation sits on, moving it away and leaving parts of the foundation without the support it relies on in order to distribute the weight of the entire home. This can also threaten the home over a period of wears as that weight imbalance can cause a house to move, tilting, or even drifting slowly in different directions, resulting in uneven floors, crooked window and door frames and ultimately cracks in stairs and walls as the home splits.

As a direct force, water can still harm a basement and foundation when enough of it is present in the soil to exert what is called hydrostatic pressure. This just means that water, in its attempt to penetrate the basement, is pushing hard against the basement walls and floor. With enough force, hydrostatic pressure can cause water to bleed through into the basement, forming on the wall, or pooling up through the floor. With even more force, hydrostatic pressure can bend basement walls, and even crack floors, accelerating the process of damage, and allowing greater amounts of water to enter the basement.

Water can be a very destructive force if it is ignored, but basement waterproofing in Darlington can take care of all of these issues.

A Professional Response

AA Action Waterproofing has been serving the needs of Maryland residents for years when it comes to wet basement problems. We have experience with all the varied water issues Darlington residents may face, and when you contact us, we bring that knowledge and modern equipment to bear on your home.

The process starts with an initial consultation where you outline the problems that you have been experiencing in your basement. We then look to the areas of concern that you’ve already discovered, and supplement this with our own inspection that looks deeper into the water penetration and traces it back to determine the true cause. Once we know why the water is coming into your home, we can formulate a strategy to permanently keep it out.

If the problem with water in the basement is because the water has hurt your home’s foundation, then foundation repair is the most effective means of addressing the problem. Techniques like “mudjacking” can fill up empty spaces that water may have removed from under the foundation, so we restore this stability. If the problem is with hydrostatic pressure, we can build in a drain tile system. This relieves the pressure on the basement by absorbing the water in the ground and moving it away, regardless of how much builds up in the soil.

Regardless of your needs for basement waterproofing in Darlington, when you call AA Action Waterproofing, you’re getting an experienced team that is ready to decisively, effectively solve your wet basement problem.