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Basement Waterproofing Curtis Bay

Curtis Bay is a proud neighborhood of Baltimore that’s played an active role as part of the city’s port activities, and to this day still plays host to the Coast Guard Yard. While the heavy industry of years past may not be as important as it once was in the 20th century, this hasn’t stopped Curtis Bay from enjoying growth, affluence and a little bit of home grown hospitality thanks to local favorites like Fred & Margie’s that offer the best home cooked breakfast and brunch in town.

But with all Curtis Bay’s experience with water, it’s still surprising to see that some residents don’t fully understand the impact that water can have on buildings, especially the homes that people live in. Water in the bay is one thing, but water in the ground, around a home, can be a surprisingly destructive force without proper basement waterproofing in Curtis Bay.

Water Affects Value & Health

Most people like to think of their home as their own private space, something they can do anything they like with, provided they have the funds to manage it. But if water is coming into your basement, this means that any plans you had for finishing it and using the space for something more useful, such as a game room or home theater are simply not possible. The regular appearance of water in a basement means that delicate consumer electronics are at risk, and beyond that, rugs, carpets and drywall are extremely susceptible to the presence of water. Trying to finish a basement while water regularly appears means have to repair or replace these final touches on a regular basis until the water problem is solved.

Water can also affect the value of your home itself. Obviously a finished basement will add more value to a home than an unfinished one, but cracks in the basement floor or walls also bring down the value of a home as it’s obvious there are problems. Hydrostatic pressure from water in the soil pressing against the basement can cause this kind of direct damage, in addition to bleeding water through the walls and floors. But water can also affect the foundation itself, disrupting the careful balance of equal weight distribution that the builders of the home first established by building the foundation on top of solid earth. If water moves that base of earth away, a foundation with portions of it sitting on nothing can move or tilt, and this can affect the structural integrity of the entire home.

Then there is the health issue. Water that maintains a consistent presence in the basement creates the perfect damp, cool, dark conditions that mold needs to start a colony. Once this process begins, the mold spreads by sending spores into the air, and everyone living in a home breathes these spores in. This can make people sick, and, depending on the type of mold, can lead to severe lung infections that require serious medical treatment.

Fortunately, for all the problems that water can cause, basement waterproofing in Curtis Bay can solve them.

Bring In The Experts

AA Action Waterproofing has many years of experience serving Curtis Bay and other Baltimore neighborhoods when there are problems with a wet or leaky basement. When you contact us, we will visit your home for a professional consultation to listen to the problems you’ve encountered and look at the areas where the water is entering your home. We’ll continue our inspection by analyzing the nature of the problem and tracking it down to its source, determining the exact cause of the water entry so we can formulate a solution to address this.

The way to solve a wet basement is entirely dependent on the circumstances surrounding the water’s entry into a home. Mold, for example, should always be treated first before any other waterproofing procedures take place. As mold presents the largest single health threat to everyone in a home, we will always suggest mold remediation as a crucial first step in making a home safe for occupants.

Once any mold threat has been eliminated, we can begin basement waterproofing in Curtis Bay in earnest. Hydrostatic pressure issues can usually be relieved through the use of a drain tile system that gives the water another direction and outlet to go. A damaged foundation, on the other hand, will need to be stabilized and have solid footing restored through techniques like mudjacking so that weight is once again properly distributed in the home. Once a foundation is repaired, any repairs to the walls and floor will be permanent with no new cracks appearing and no more opportunities for water to enter.

Whatever the situation is with water in your basement, AA Action Waterproofing has the knowledge and equipment to fix it.