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Basement Waterproofing Crownsville

Crownsville has an unusual name, but perhaps this suits the town as a place where festivities of more historic nature takes place. Anne Arundel County Fair takes place here, as does the Maryland Renaissance Festival. The community’s waterfront location makes it a perfect place for scenic fun and living.
That water, however, has another property besides giving the area an attractive ambiance. While it presents a great view on the surface, under the ground, around and beneath homes, water plays a different role. And without proper basement waterproofing in Crownsville, that water can become a very serious, costly problem.

Water Acts Slowly

To most homeowners, water is an essential element of the home experience. Pipes are dedicated to bringing it into the home, and without it, we wouldn’t have things to drink with, cook with, wash with or use in toilets. It’s safe to say that a home without readily accessible water in it is a home most people wouldn’t want to live in.

But while that’s the positive, useful face of water in the home, there is another side to this substance. We love water when we need it for specific purposes, but when it just enters a home without our permission, and in locations in we didn’t approve of, it becomes an annoyance. And if it continues to make an appearance in unwelcome areas, it can start to have a very real, very negative impact on a home.

A leaky basement that constantly admits water vapor in can create the kind of dark, damp, cool environment that mold requires in order to prosper. A mold infestation is not just unsightly, it can also be dangerous, as it spreads throughout a basement by sending spores into the air. These spores permeate the atmosphere of the entire home, meaning all residents breathe them in continuously whenever they are inside. Eventually, this can cause health problems and, with more harmful forms of mold, even cause serious lung infections.

If a home is located at the lowest point of an area with a lot of hills, water will naturally gather at the lowest point, and this means a home can be subjected to a much higher amount of water that neither the soil nor the concrete can retain. In these instances, some flooding can occur on a regular basis during any significant rainfall.

And finally, if water can damage the foundation itself, either attacking it directly through hydrostatic pressure that deforms walls and cracks floors, or indirectly moving soil away from the area a foundation sits on. When a foundation is no longer on solid ground, this throws the weight distribution off and can slowly cause a home to break up as stresses on the home go to the wrong places, or the home itself begins to tear apart over a period of years. Fortunately, basement waterproofing in Crownsville has solutions to all of these problems.

An Expert Response

AA Action Waterproofing is has an experienced team of experts using the latest techniques and equipment ready to help you with your wet basement problem. When you contact us, we respond with a professional consultation that comes to your home to listen to the concerns you have, and look at the problem areas that you have already discovered. We then take our own expertise and use that to investigate further, piecing together the interplay of geology, geography and architecture to see how these factors interact with each other to create the unique problem your home is now experiencing.

Once we’ve determined an exact cause, we can formulate a plan of action that will largely depend on the unique circumstances surrounding your home’s water issues. Mold, for example, is always a priority condition that should be treated immediately, for the health of everyone in the home. Our mold remediation process will not just eliminate the mold, but treat the spaces it grew in to prevent a return of the mold.

If a home is free of mold, other procedures can be executed, such as a French drain and sump pump system to handle large amounts of rain water seeping into the soil. If a home experiences too much water penetration due to its location and rainfall, a French drain will collect the water before it penetrates the basement, while the sump pump redirects the water away to another location.

If the home’s foundation is damaged and letting water in, then addressing the instability and weight distribution issue will be a large part of fixing the problem. By restoring the foundation to its proper condition, any repairs to the walls and floors will be permanent and lasting.

Whatever kind of basement waterproofing in Crownsville you need, AA Action Waterproofing has the skill and equipment to resolve it efficiently and permanently.