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Basement Waterproofing Crofton

Not many towns can make the claim of being made by a company, but Crofton is the Maryland exception. When the Crawford corporation decided in the 20th century that they wanted to make a perfect community, they envisioned a place where people could play just as easily as they could live. Crofton became that place, with the Crofton Country Club being one of the best places in the state to play golf, while Crofton itself is highly regarded place to raise a family.

But for all Crofton’s affluence and modern design, some residents may suffer from the same old problem that has affected homes in Maryland and throughout the country for many years. It starts out as a wet basement, but without basement waterproofing in Crofton, it can escalate into something far more serious and expensive.

Water Hurts In Different Ways

Water coming into a basement can hurt a home—and the residents inside it—in a number of ways, some direct, and some less so. A lot of this depends on the way water is penetrating a home.

If water is coming in through the walls and floor as vapor, then condensing back into liquid form once it enters the cooler temperatures of the basement, this can hurt any electronics you have in the basement, such as the fuse box, or, if you have a finished basement, this damp environment can harm the drywall, rugs or carpeting that you have installed, in addition to any delicate consumer electronics you’ve placed here.

If the damp, cool, dark environment persists, this can also encourage the growth of mold, which requires all these factors be present in order to flourish. If a mold infestation begins, it will attempt to spread by sending more spores into the air, which every resident will be breathing in constantly, putting everyone at risk of contracting an illness.

If a large amount of water is present in the soil, it can surround the entire basement from all sides, even below, and apply constant pressure. This pressure can force water to bleed in through walls and floors, or, if stronger, can even damage the basement itself. Walls can bow inwards against the pressure, and cracks can form on the floor, allowing larger amounts of water inside.

And if water is trickling in from other areas and gathering around a home because of its location, this can cause a mild to severe flood situation where a layer of water forms in the basement every time there is a rainfall.

All of these problems can be very serious if ignored, but fortunately, all of them can also be resolved with basement waterproofing in Crofton.

Professionals With Solutions

AA Action Waterproofing has years of experience helping Crofton residents and other communities in Maryland with their wet basement problems. When you ask us for help, we respond with a professional consultation in your own home, where you can tell us exactly what the trouble is, and show us where it’s happening. After we’ve listened to your concerns, we conduct our own inspection, looking into how the water is penetrating the basement and tracking down exactly what it is happening, which is a crucial step in coming up with a permanent solution.

Once we have determined the extent of the situation, we get to work. Basement waterproofing in Crofton can take on many forms, depending on the circumstances that surround a home. For some, early preventive measures can easily suffice, especially if the home is new and has not yet been occupied. At this stage, decisive steps like erecting a membrane barrier on the outside of the foundation can ensure that even small problems never have the chance to occur as water is physically sealed out.

In other situations, if water has been causing mold to appear, the priority for us is protecting the health of the residents first, and that means taking care of the mold. Mold remediation is always the #1 procedure when we find it, because resident health should always be the most important factor. We can eliminate the mold, then treat the area it was found in to prevent it from trying to return, and, once that is done, we can move on to other waterproofing techniques to prevent the mold-friendly environment from persisting.

Waterproofing itself can be done with vapor barriers to prevent gaseous water from penetrating a basement, or, in the case of larger amounts of water flooding in, a French drain and sump pump system can collect water that is trying to enter a basement, then actively redirect it far from the home, for a safer, dryer environment.

Whatever your basement waterproofing needs are, AA Action Waterproofing have the people and the equipment to meet it.