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Basement Waterproofing Colesville

There may still be some debate—even amongst locals—about whether Colesville is a town or a neighborhood, but that hasn’t stopped residents from living here in safety, comfort and pride. The Milimar is a historic building in the area, officially recognized by the U.S. National Register of Historic places, and for the faithful, the Holy Family Seminary is based here for people wishing to study the Catholic faith more seriously.

But Colesville’s mix of faith and history, while admirable, doesn’t protect the residents from the trouble that may be lurking right under their feet. It can happen to any home in Maryland or the rest of the country, so Colesville residents are certainly no exception. It may start as a leaky basement, but if it is left ignored, it can quickly spiral into a much larger, more serious and expensive problem, but basement waterproofing in Colesville can prevent this.

The Many Dangers Of Water

The biggest threat that water presents is that it is very easy to homeowners to see a leaky or wet basement and decide this is a problem so minor it’s not worth paying attention to. Unfortunately, this is exactly the kind of opportunity that water needs to cause significant damage to a home. These early signs are a warning that water in the area is building up to something but it will require more time in order for this damage to become evident. Water can presents different kinds of risks to owners, posing a threat to the people, the home itself and even financial value.

If water persists in the basement, this creates a damp environment, which is what mold needs in order to thrive and create a sizable infestation. If mold gets this opportunity, it rapidly spreads and grows by sending even more spores into the air. These spores travel throughout the home, and every resident breathes them in as long as they remain inside. With more spores in the air, health can become an issue, and some forms of mold can even cause very severe lung infections in people, posing a massive health risk to anyone in the home.

The water also indirectly damages the home. If there is a large presence of water underground, it will always try to penetrate the basement and surround it from all directions, even below. This can mean that the foundation, which formerly sat on solid dirt when the home was first constructed, may lose “solid footing” as the water moves that dirt away, and this can damage the foundation, threatening the entire structural integrity of the home. Water exerting a lot of hydrostatic pressure on walls and floors can also force its way through these barriers to bleed into the basement, and if the pressure is strong enough, or certain parts of the walls or floors have weaknesses, the water can even bend or break parts of the basement, causing bowed walls or cracked floors.

And if you live in a low lying area, heavy rainfall can cause water from hills and other inclines to naturally pool around your home, causing significant amounts of water to penetrate the basement. It’s possible with more serious rain that this can even turn into regular flooding, which is costly to repair.
All of these problems can be solved when you call experts in basement waterproofing in Colesville.

Professional Results

AA Action Waterproofing has years of experience in helping people with their wet basement problems. When you come to us, we will come to your home for an initial consultation to understand exactly what your concerns are. We will then inspect the areas where you’ve encountered water, and we will conduct a further investigation using our equipment and experience to determine the exact cause of the water penetrating into your basement and determine its true threat level.

Once we understand what the cause of the water is, we can implement a solution. Methods will vary based on the needs of your home. Water coming in regularly because of location can be dealt with not by keeping the water out, but by redirecting it. A French drain and sump pump system is ideal for this, collecting water before it penetrates your basement and actively pumping it away to another location.

For mold infestations, we will always recommend mold remediation as a priority procedure before undertaking any other work. The health threat that mold present requires immediate attention. Once that problem has been dealt with, we can tackle other issues, such as foundation repair in order to stabilize the home and ensure that repairs to the basement are lasting and permanent.

If you need basement waterproofing in Colesville, then contact AA Action Waterproofing. We’re here for you and ready to help.