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Basement Waterproofing Colesville

Most of Maryland has a history stretching back to the colonial era and beyond, and Colesville is certainly no exception. However, as a part of Maryland that’s close to Washington, D.C., most of that history of farms and plantations has been replaced by the suburban boom of the 1950s and 60s. Colesville does have a downtown strip, but most of what you’ll find there today is suburban neighborhoods and communities.

You’ll also find a need for basement waterproofing in Colesville. The town is hardly alone in this, though, since basement waterproofing is always going to be necessary for any building with a basement. Having someone take a look at the waterproofing measures every few years is like going to the dentist on a regular basis: it might not seem important, but if you catch a problem early it can save you a lot of money and a lot of pain.

Basement Waterproofing Colesville

The Point Of Waterproofing

As strange as it may sound, water is one of the most powerful and destructive forces on planet Earth. It doesn’t seem like much when it’s in a stack of bottled water or rushing out of your faucet, but then there’s a reason why your pipes are made out of metal and not wood or anything else that’s less durable. Water can cut valleys into mountains and plains, waves and waterfalls can wear down tall cliffs, and water that gets into your home’s basement walls or foundation slab can cause them to crack.

Water is also necessary for all forms of life to grow, and while that’s good for humans, it’s bad news for anyone who prefers not to have lifeforms growing in his or her basement. Mold is particularly good at growing wherever there’s even a hint of moisture, and the spores released by mold outbreaks can reduce the air quality and even cause a few negative side effects.

For these reasons and more, waterproofing is an essential part of every building’s design. Not only does this include obvious steps like coating the outside of the basement walls with a sticky, water resistant sealant, it also includes subtle touches like making sure the ground slopes away from the foundation instead of towards it.

When You Should Hire A Waterproofing Company

All of these problems are well known within the construction industry, and most of the waterproofing your home has took place when it was built. So why would you need to contact a company like AA Action Waterproofing for a basement waterproofing in Colesville or any other suburb? Why would you need our services after the house is up? There are several reasons:

1. Water is getting in through a crack in the wall and you need help repairing it and sealing it up tight.
2. Water is seeping in from below thanks to a high water table or a nearby spring.
3. Some part of the basement is getting damp for no reason you can discover, leading to water damage and a mold outbreak.
4. Someone has made a mistake with the landscaping, or has let the gutters fill up with gunk.
5. The building is old and can be renovated to modern standards.

How We Can Help

AA Action Waterproofing offers basement waterproofing for Colesville, Rockville, Columbia, and much more. Our service area includes all of Maryland as well as Pennsylvania, D.C., Virginia,, and Delaware.

For waterproofing jobs, the first thing we do is identify where any water in your basement is coming from and where any vulnerabilities are that could lead to leaks or seepage in the future. Aside from the occasional leaky pipe, we find that most cases boil down to one of three categories:

• Runoff. For whatever reason, the building and the landscape are directing rain and snow melt towards the building instead of away.
• Seepage. If the local water table rises above the basement floor, it can soak into the concrete.
• Humidity. Humid Maryland air will sometimes get trapped in the basement and condense on cool surfaces like the concrete wall and metal pipes.

If you’re in need of basement waterproofing in Colesville or any other part of the Washington-Baltimore area, contact us today to set up your free initial inspection and estimate. We’ve been fixing up foundations, crawlspaces, and basements for three decades now, and we’ve never seen a building we couldn’t help.