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Basement Waterproofing Cockeysville

Cockeysville has a lot of legacy and history surrounding its small town environs. It saw military action during the Civil War, and the National Bank of Cockeysville was founded here despite the small size. Today, even if the local quarry doesn’t get much use, the Grand Lodge of Maryland is still located here, providing a refuge for masons their and family members, and the Maryland Grand Lodge museum is located here as well.

In many ways, Cockeysville is a town that enjoys a good balance between history and community, but, like many other places in Maryland and America, that eye for balance remains firmly fixed on the surface. The problem is there are things going on underground, right in the very basements of residents that may be causing trouble for homeowners. But with the prudent use of basement waterproofing in Cockeysville, this potential run of trouble can be averted.

Water Is A Slow Threat

If people notice they have a leaky basement, it’s often easy to ignore or dismiss as a minor problem that has no serious impact on the wellbeing of a home or its residents. In some ways, this assessment is correct, but only at first. A little bit of water appearing in a basement doesn’t carry much danger, not to the residents and not even to the structure of the home.

The real danger lies is in ignoring the water and forgetting about it. Water is one of the great forces of erosion in nature. That means that it works by carrying away particles in tiny amounts, but it does this constantly, taking as much time as it needs. Because water works so slowly, it is very easy for people to simply not notice the scale of work being done on their basement because of the period of time is so vast.

Water, for example, can work on the foundation of a home itself, moving away the dirt that the foundation is built on, and doing this so slowly that it may be years before the effect is finally felt. And that effect is that the weight of the home, which used to be equally distributed across a foundation that sat on solid soil, no has portions where it sits over nothing at all, with nothing to bear the weight of the home.

As water continues to do its work, the undue stress of the home begins to do its own work on the structure of the home. It may start as cracks in basement floor or walls, as weight that was never supposed to be borne is subjected to different parts of the home. The house may ever so slowly tilt, resulting in uneven floors. Doors may become more difficult to close because the door frames are crooked, and window frames may start to splinter as the walls twist and bend. Eventually, even walls in the home and stairs can fall out of alignment and split apart as the water damaged foundation shifts different parts of the home in different directions.

But water itself can also pose a threat given enough time. Hydrostatic pressure can crack or bend walls, and with enough pressure, can squeeze water straight into a basement through the tiny spaces in concrete. None of this happens quickly, but without basement waterproofing in Cockesyville, all of it can happen eventually if you see the early signs and ignore them.

Let The Experts Help

AA Action Waterproofing has the knowledge and the equipment to help you with your wet basement problems, regardless of whether you are coming to us early, or finding yourself in the later stages of a leaky basement crisis. When you come to us, you come to a group that is eager to help and put our experience to work for you.

If you have a wet basement, we will come to your home for an initial consultation and assessment. We’ll hear out your concerns, look at the areas you’ve already discovered for problems, and then take things a step further to delve deeper into the problem. We look at not just the areas that you’re aware of, but crawlspaces, the environment around the house and the state of the construction in your basement, taking all these factors into consideration and coming to an understanding of how they interact with each other to cause the problem that you face today.

Once we understand the situation, we formulate a solution based on the distinct needs of your home. For damaged foundations, a foundation repair is in order before other waterproofing measures can be taken. For hydrostatic pressure problems, we may recommend a tile drain system to relieve pressure and carry water away from the home. There are many ways to conduct basement waterproofing in Cockeysville, but our propose solution will be the right one for your home’s circumstances.