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Basement Waterproofing Clinton

Clinton, although not a large community, has played its own role in some important American history. When it was originally known as Surrattsville, John Wilkes Booth stopped here and conducted business on his way to the Lincoln assassination. Because of that the Surratt House Museum still stands today as a grim reminder of that event. Today, the town is probably better known for appearing in the 2008 movie Safehouse, which starred homegrown actor Luke Barnett.

Clinton’s diverse character keeps things interesting on the surface, but it doesn’t protect the residents of the area from a potential problem that may be lurking just under the surface. Right under their feet in fact, in the very homes they live in. Some might already see early signs of the problem, with a wet basement. But these early signs can eventually turn into something far more serious without professional basement waterproofing in Clinton.

Water Hurts Homes & People

The average homeowner in Clinton doesn’t usually conduct a close inspection of the basement, and this is especially true if the basement is unfinished and just used for laundry, storage or perhaps a workshop area. When the space is just bare concrete with shelves, boxes and tables or tools, it doesn’t look like a lot can be damaged in any meaningful way. So if there’s water that’s forming on the walls, or small pools appearing on the floor, where’s the harm?

This is where the danger of ignoring water comes in. The average assessment is mostly correct; a small amount of water in the basement doesn’t pose much threat to the basement itself, especially an unfinished one. But what that small water appearing in the basement represents is an early warning of a much larger problem. In the same way that the human body may complain aches and pains that don’t seem to amount to much, but eventually lead to a serious disease if left untreated, water in the basement is a similar warning. It is telling homeowners that something is wrong, and while it’s not serious yet, it can certainly escalate if the problem is ignored.

A basement that remains consistently damp is the kind of environment that mold needs to flourish. Mold requires a cool, dark, wet place, and once water enters a basement and stays there, it provides all of mold’s survival requirements. Once mold starts to colonize an area, it reproduces itself by sending more and more spores in the air, and these spores multiply in amount as the mold infestation grows. Every person in a home breathes these spores in as long as they remain on the premises, and it can lead to illness, sometimes even very serious lung infection.

If the health threat isn’t enough, the water itself can damage the home. A little water leaking into a basement with no apparent source means that a lot of water is surrounding the basement itself, exerting so much hydrostatic pressure it is “bleeding” water through the walls. That pressure can deform the shape of basement walls, and, if there are any structural weaknesses, can decay improperly poured concrete or even crack walls and floors. Once that happens, basement damage accelerates and even the foundation can become damaged threatening the structural integrity of the entire home, and posing a physical risk to residents. Basement waterproofing in Clinton can put a stop to all this.

Reliable, Professional Results

AA Action Waterproofing has been serving Clinton and other Maryland communities for many years. We are an accomplished, experienced team of experts that uses the latest tools and techniques to help a variety of homes with leaky basement problems.

After a professional consultation, we will assess the extent of the damage in your home and formulate a plan of action to stop whatever is causing the water to enter, and then conduct repairs on the damage that may have already occurred. If mold is already a problem, this is an immediate health risk that should be attended to with a priority mold remediation procedure.

If hydrostatic pressure is the culprit, forcing water through the walls, we have many techniques available to relieve this pressure. Drain tile systems can capture the water and redirect it away from the basement, taking these stressful forces off the walls or floor and creating a much safer, drier environment.

If you need basement waterproofing in Clinton, you need AA Action Waterproofing. Contact us for more information or help. We’ll be happy to see how we can solve your problem.