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Basement Waterproofing Clarksburg

Clarksburg is an American example of how sometimes good things happen slowly. While the town has a rich history going all the way back to 18th century colonial America, it’s only in the very late 20th century that the town has really grown. Now Little Bennett regional park is enjoyed by a growing population, as is Kings Valley Stables for equestrian fans, and Denise Bakery & Deli is a recent local favorite eating spot.

Clarksburg’s recent growth has been good for everyone that enjoys the charms of the town today, but this also means more new homeowners may be at risk to a problem they’re not even aware of. It occurs in their own homes, right underneath their feet, and while a wet or leaky basement might not seem like much of a danger to a home, without basement waterproofing in Clarksburg, it can become a serious and expensive problem.

A Threat To Health & Home

Water is such a necessary part of our lives, and so easy to access thanks to indoor plumbing that we forget it’s not just that important substance we drink for survival, or use in our cooking, laundry and bathing. Water is just as capable of harm as it is of good under the right circumstances.
And while we all need water pumped into our homes for faucets, toilets and bathtubs, the real problems start when we lose control of water, and it starts to enter our home through means other than the ones that engineers and home builders have planned.

“Used” water, for example, from bathtubs, sinks and toilets, is always meant to leave a home once it has served its purpose. And yet, it is actually possible for water from sewers to return to a home when heavy rains flood not homes, but sewage lines themselves. In these situations, even though the basement itself may be well protected from water in the ground, it has no defense against a sewer that is over capacity and starts pushing water up the sewer lines back into homes. When this happens, a basement becomes a dangerous place both physically and in health terms.

Of course, water has other means of entering the home, and one of those is directly through the walls and floor of your basement. Contrary to what you might think, the concrete that is used to construct basements is porous, meaning that it has spaces inside that can admit water. Water can penetrate concrete in three ways. As a vapor, it can simply pass through, condensing back into liquid once it meets the colder temperature of the basement. If there’s a lot of water in the soil, it can press against the basement, a phenomenon known as hydrostatic pressure. Here, the water pushes with enough force that literally “bleeds” through walls and floors. And finally, if the hydrostatic pressure is very large, or there are structural weaknesses in the basement, the walls or floor may simply break, and cracks will form, allowing water to easily get in. All of these problems, however, can be solved with professional basement waterproofing in Clarksburg.

Expert Work, Expert Results

AA Action Waterproofing has been serving Maryland and areas in it like Clarksburg for many years. We have extensive experience specializing in wet basement problems, and helping people to enjoy dry, safe, healthy spaces.

If you have a problem and contact us, we will schedule a visit to your home for a professional consultation. We’ll listen to your story of how the problems began, look at the problems areas you’ve discovered, and then conduct our own, deeper investigation into the matter, using our equipment and expertise. Our goal will be to analyze the areas you’ve pointed out, find any other problem areas you may have missed and determine the ultimate cause for why the water is entering your home. Once we’ve found the heart and cause of the trouble, we can then work towards resolving through the means that is most appropriate to the situation you have at hand.

Hydrostatic pressure, for example, can be relieved through the use of a drain tile system that simply absorbs the water pressing against your basement, and redirects it somewhere else so that your basement is no longer subjected to such enormous, non-stop stress. Sewage flooding on the other hand, will probably require a backwater valve that can detect when water from outside is trying to flow back up the sewer line and into your home. The valve can then physically block your home from the sewer line and protect it from outside access.

Whatever your problem is, if you need basement waterproofing in Clarksburg, we can provide it.