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Basement Waterproofing Churchville

Churchville, as some might guess from the name, is a quiet, wholesome, place. And while it does cater to the spiritual needs of residents with the Churchville Presbyterian Church, among others, the town also proudly make a patriotic contribution to our nation’s defense. The Churchville Test Area is where America’s military machines are put through their paces, to ensure they work as intended in service to the defense of our nation.

But for all the work that the town of Churchville contributes to the defense of the country, there’s one area where many residents leave themselves vulnerable. It’s understandable why homeowners might forget to protect themselves in this regard; a leaky basement doesn’t look like much of a threat. But without proper basement waterproofing in Churchville, residents can find themselves in the middle of a serious and expensive problem to resolve.

The Threat Of Water

We use water so often in our homes as a means of sustenance and cleaning that we forget it can be a powerful force of nature that was responsible for some of the natural wonders of our world, like the Grand Canyon. Water is a force of erosion. In small amounts, it isn’t capable of much, but in larger amounts, with time on its side, it can accomplish many things, including penetrating the basement of a home and ultimately damaging it.

When people find damp walls in their basement or see small pools of water, they shouldn’t write these appearances off as harmless. A little water in the basement is a warning to residents that water has found a weakness of some kind in the home, and is now patiently, methodically, relentlessly exploiting it, so that those small amounts of water are merely the start. Taking care of the problem at this stage is similar to prudent patient going to a doctor to receive treatment before a disease becomes larger, more aggressive and difficult to treat.

Water presents many different kinds of hazards to a home. Even when it’s not in liquid form, it can still create problems indirectly. Water vapor, for example, can pass more easily through concrete and then condense back into very small amounts of water in the cooler temperature of a basement. These amounts aren’t enough to do any real damage, at least, not to an unfinished basement with concrete walls, but the damp environment can encourage mold to settle down and start a major colony. Once a mold infestation hits a certain level, the spores they send into the air can pose a health risk to everyone in the home, as they will be constantly breathing these spores in whenever they are in residence. This can lead to any number of illnesses including some very serious lung infections that require intensive medical treatment.

In liquid form, water can affect the basement in numerous ways, depending on the location and amounts involved. Water that regularly leaks through walls and floors will damage a finished basement, making short work of rugs, carpeting, or any other delicate floor work. Drywall and electrical wiring can be easily damaged by water on the wall.

Water in larger amounts doesn’t even have to get into the basement to hurt the home, it can do it from outside. With large amounts of water pressing against a basement wall or floor, hydrostatic pressure can actually crack concrete. Once that happens, even more water gets in, and the damage spreads. Water can even move the soil that a foundation was built upon and relied on to distribute the weight of a home. Once that balance has been disturbed, a house can tilt, or even slowly tear itself in two different directions, resulting in a structural risk to all residents. But basement waterproofing in Churchville has solutions for all of these problems.

Professional Problem Solving

AA Action Waterproofing has been helping residents of Maryland for years, and when it comes to basement waterproofing in Churchville, no one is more efficient and experienced. After a consultation with us, we will investigate the situation in your home and assess both the damage, and the cause of the problem to work out a solution that restore your home to dry, safe, permanent repair and functionality.

If condensation of vapor is the chief problem in your home, vapor barrier solutions can be implemented in the basement and other crawl spaces where water vapor is entering. If hydrostatic pressure is the problem, drain tile systems can ease this pressure off and divert it away from your home. If your foundation is under threat, techniques like mudjacking can restore a solid base that gives your foundation the support it needs to work as intended.

Whatever it is your home needs, AA Action Waterproofing can provide the solution.