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Basement Waterproofing Churchton

Churchton isn’t a big community in Maryland, but it still manages to provide a safe, nurturing environment for families to comfortably live and grow, and it has its own claims to fame. Hollywood film producer Brian Mercer is a native of the town, as is actor Savvas Thomas Yiannolou. And Skipper’s Pier may be one of the best kept secret on the coast with some of the finest seafood on the eastern seaboard.
In a lot of ways, Churchton has it good, even if it doesn’t gather a lot of attention to itself. But that prosperity doesn’t mean the community is trouble-free. While residents enjoy the good life in their homes, they may be forgetting about the problems brewing underneath their feet, with a leaky or wet basement. And if these problems get worse, and flooding occurs, then basement waterproofing in Churchton is the only way to deal with the crisis.

How Flooding Happens

Flooding in a home is usually considered a rare phenomenon, which is fortunate, since flood damage is also one of the most expensive and devastating things that a homeowner can endure. In most cases, a flooded home will only occur when once-in-a-generation weather occurs, like a massive storm that creates such huge amounts of water that entire neighborhoods are swept up as water comes in straight through the front door or windows.

But flooding can also occur from just the basement alone, and although this type of flooding doesn’t affect entire neighborhoods all at once, it’s much more common, and affects many homes throughout Maryland and the rest of the country.

One of the most surprising ways that a basement can flood is through the sewer system. A basement itself may be constructed with care and quality materials and do an admirable job of keeping underground water from seeping in. However, that outside protection can do nothing if the flooding occurs due to a pipe directly connected to the home. In some cases, an aging sewer system that can no longer deal with changes to the weather may itself become flooded during periods of heavy rain. When this happens, the water in the sewer line, having gone over capacity, no longer flows exclusively through the line itself, it can flow back up into homes that the main sewer line is connected to. This means that through no fault of the home or the basement, water from the sewer—even raw sewage itself—can back up into a home and flood the basement, causing not just water damage, but presenting a serious health hazard due to untreated waste.
In other cases, one of the most common causes for a basement flooding is one of geography. In areas with hills and other inclines, water will follow gravity and flow downwards. For homes that just so happen to be located in the low lying areas of these hilly regions, this means that water from heavy rains will all naturally accumulate where the home sits. Once that water gathers around the home and gets into the ground, the sheer volume of it will penetrate into the basement. But basement waterproofing in Churchton can deal with these and other basement water problems.

Keep The Flood Out

AA Action Waterproofing has years of experience with basement waterproofing in Churchton and other parts of Maryland. We have the knowledge and equipment to deal with any situation we encounter. Even basement flooding, which is one of the most serious cases we run into, isn’t a lost cause, and any home can still be repaired and returned to safe, working condition with the right techniques.

Sewage flooding for example, can be rectified through the installation of what is known as a “backwater valve” that acts like a shield. It detects when water from a sewer is coming into a home, rather than water from a home exiting into a sewer. When sewer water flows into the home, the valve physically blocks the pipe and prevents that water from penetrating into the home.

In the case of basement flooding due to water coming in from other areas, the amounts of water involved, and the location of the home make keeping the water out problematic. Instead, the solution is to redirect the flow of the water, rather than prevent it. A French drain system can capture incoming water as it attempts to penetrate the basement, while a sump pump then physically redirects the water to another area far from the home.

Whatever kind of flooding, wet or leaky basement issue you have, AA Action Waterproofing knows how to address it.