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Basement Waterproofing Cheverly

Cheverly is a quiet Maryland town that, in some respects, has worked hard to stay this way. It enjoys numerous parks, like Cheverly-Euclid neighborhood park, has a unique performance space in the form of the Publick Playhouse, which was once used for films as the Cheverly Theatre back in the 1940s, and even though it’s a young, planned community of the 20th century, it has a historical legacy with Mount Hope as a registered historical landmark. Unlike other towns that have grown and lost the charm they once had, the people of Cheverly have put in the effort to ensure that what keeps their town a safe, decent place to live has remained here.

But while all is well for the town on the surface, things may not be quite so certain underground. Every homeowner in Cheverly should be aware that there lurks a potential problem right underneath their feet, in their very own basement. If there’s any evidence of a wet or leaky basement, this is a something that shouldn’t ignored. It’s a sign of a potential problem, but fortunately this is a challenge that basement waterproofing in Cheverly is well-equipped to handle.

Water Should Never Be Ignored

Water coming into a basement, even in small amounts, is not something that a homeowner should simply decide to live with. A leaky basement is an early warning symptom. In the same way that some signs can warn people of a serious illness like cancer and give them a chance to treat it before it becomes more aggressive and difficult to control. The presence of water in a basement in small amounts is an opportunity for a homeowner to get a problem dealt with before it becomes dangerous and expensive.
By ignoring water in your basement, you are allowing the much larger presence of water just outside the basement to continues its work and use its natural powers of erosion to penetrate further into a basement and in greater amounts.

At best, this means that any plans you—or a future homeowner—may have for finishing the basement with renovations to turn it into a home theater, game room or “man cave” are simply not viable. To install carpet, drywall or any other final fixtures to a basement that admits water is to damage those fixtures so they will require repair or replacement.

If the damp environment in a basement persists, this sets the stage for mold colonies to grow. Once mold settles in and begins to infest a home, it maintains its presence by sending spores into the air, constantly. Every resident of a house breathes these spores in, putting their health at risk and, in some cases, even causing very serious lung infection.

But the real danger of water in the basement is when it actually damages the basement itself. Hydrostatic pressure of a lot of water in the area can force more and more water into the basement, but, in sufficient force, it can also crack walls and ceilings and even deform the shape of the basement as it bows inwards against the pressure. All of this means that a basement and foundation is under threat, and it needs the help of professional basement waterproofing in Cheverly to fight back.

Expert Knowledge, Expert Results

AA Action Waterproofing has been helping with basement waterproofing in Cheverly for many years. We have experienced, knowledgeable professionals that use modern equipment and techniques to solve the many wet basement problems we encounter.

When you contact us, we will arrange to visit your home for a thorough, professional consultation. After you’ve informed us of your concerns, we will examine the problem areas that you’ve already found, and then we will conduct our own more extensive investigation. We need to understand what the exact dynamic is between how the structure of your home interacts with the environment around it, and see how the climate and geography contribute to the overall problem. With that understanding, we can determine how, and more importantly, why water is coming into your basement, and we can formulate a plan of action to tackle the problem.

The solution we implement will vary from home to home, dependent on our findings, and custom-tailored for the unique situations that each individual basement faces. Foundation repair, French drains, or even membrane barriers are some of the many possible techniques we can employ to solve the problem of a wet basement. Whatever circumstances are troubling your basement, AA Action Waterproofing has the tools and experience to deal with it.