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Basement Waterproofing Chase

Chase is a town that has had some hardships in its past, but despite its troubles, it continues to persevere. Capital Airlines flight 75 in 1959 was a sobering experience for the entire town. The 1987 Chase train wreck was a terrible tragedy, but also gained recognition for the generosity of the town as locals helped those in need. Over the years, the town has encountered many tragedies and challenges, but it has always overcome whatever it has encountered.

That ability to overcome is an important trait for the townspeople to have, because it is crucial in fighting a problem that may be occurring right under their feet, in their very own homes. While Chase has been a site of many incidents on the ground, there is something that may be happening right in the basements of the many homeowners in town. It might only seem to be a wet basement, but without the basement waterproofing in Chase, it can become much more serious.

Water Is The Next Challenge

In nature, water is one of the great forces of erosion. It wears things away by carrying off tiny particles of whatever it encounters, whether that is soil, stone or wood, and, if it is allowed to do this without interference can eventually break down whatever it encounters. The concrete that most basements today are made from is no exception to this. Concrete is actually a porous substance, meaning that it has tiny spaces in it after it is poured and solidified that can still admit water, either in liquid or vapor form.

This means that water vapor can easily pass through concrete and condense back into liquid once it encounters the cooler temperature of a basement. But if water gathers in a great amount, it can simply press itself against a basement wall or floor and two things will happen. The hydrostatic pressure of so much water will literally force it to “bleed” through the concrete and come out of walls or floors from seemingly no visible source, and, if that pressure continues to build without relief, it can bend walls or floor or even break them, causing cracks to form.

If this water is allowed to remain in a basement, or if it stays there in vapor form, creating a consistently damp environment, then that basement becomes an ideal setting for mold. If a mold infestation grows in a basement, it can present a health risk to all residents as they breathe in the spores that mold continuously spews into the air. Some mold are especially harmful to humans as their spore can cause very severe lung infections.

Even without the threat of mold, water damaging the basement walls and floors means it is affecting the foundation. The foundation of a home cannot be damaged without that damage having consequences for the entire home. Cracks in the basement wall can eventually spread to other walls in the home. The home itself can tilt, sink, or move in other ways that being to tear the home in different directions. All of this damage can have a huge impact on both the physical safety of the home and its inherent value, but basement waterproofing in Chase can address all of this.

Professional Help

By contacting AA Action Waterproofing, you are bringing seasoned, knowledgeable experts to your home that can give you the professional attention you need. We will come to your home for a thorough consultation, listening to you discuss the problem, investigating the areas where you have concerns, and then conduct our own expert inspection to trace the water penetration’s points of origin, and determine the exact cause of the water problem. This investigative phase is crucial in coming up with a permanent solution, since without addressing the actual cause of the water entry, any repairs done will be superficial and won’t stop the water from making a return.

Once we’ve determined a cause we can set to work on a comprehensive fix that will prevent the water from re-entering your property. Depending on our findings, we will suggest a variety of different solutions. If the problem is one of condensation regularly penetrating the concrete, then a vapor barrier will be the most effective solution. If water itself is coming through the floor, a drain tile system will be an efficient tool for easing the hydrostatic pressure, and keeping the water away from the basement. If flooding is a regular occurrence due to location, a French drain and sump pump system can safely redirect water out of the area before it ever comes into the basement.

Regardless of what the problem is, we’ve helped many people to find solutions to basement waterproofing in Chase. And we can do the same for you.