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Basement Waterproofing Cape St. Claire

Cape St. Claire is relatively young community, although some traces of its 19th century farm roots still exist in the forms of Stinchcomb House and Goshen Farm. For the most part though, this is an area that is firmly of the modern era, and has many associations to prove it, like Boy Scout Troop 783 and numerous other scout and cub groups, as well as groups like the Goshen Farm Preservation society to uphold the area’s legacy, and the Yacht Club of Cape St. Claire that embraces the town’s modern roots.

However, for all the prosperity and modernity that Cape St. Claire is blessed with, the residents may still be prey to a very old problem. It’s not an issue that appears on the surface, and in fact, the reason that it’s such an easy threat to overlook is because it remains largely a subterranean problem. But for people with a wet basement, basement waterproofing Cape St. Claire is the best and most efficient way to tackle this issue.

The Problem With Water

A leaky basement is, on initial inspection by an untrained eye, not viewed as much of a problem at all. A little water on the walls, or some small pools on the floor really don’t seem to do much in the way of harm. From a certain point of view, this is true. Water in small amounts isn’t a danger to a basement.
But what water in the basement represents is an early warning, and it is up to the homeowners to decide whether to take that warning seriously, or continue to ignore it, which allows the problem to grow worse. Water in the basement is a symptom of a weakness in the basement structure itself or, more worryingly, amounts of water surrounding a home that are so large that conventional construction is unable to keep it out. In either case, the condition of water appearing means that the structure is eventually going to be overwhelmed as the water either finds more weaknesses to exploit, breaks and accelerates the process, or the water gathers such a huge presence that the sizable hydrostatic pressure pushing against walls or the floor actually bends walls, or breaks floors, causing cracks to appear.

When this happens, it means that the process of damage can only accelerate. Once cracks appear, or the shape of the walls deforms, the protection that a home offers against water is on a time limit, and as more water gets in, more damage is done. If the water starts working on other elements of the foundation, the damage to a home may no longer limit itself to just the basement, the entire house can be at risk.

A home’s foundation is designed to evenly distribute the weight of the entire home throughout the foundation itself, of which the basement is a critical part of this mechanism. If water weakens the foundation, or affects the soil under a foundation and moves it away, this creates an imbalance in the way the weight distribution of a home works. Once the weight is no longer properly distributed parts of the house are exposed to stresses they were never meant to endure and this slowly “breaks” the home. An entire home can tilt, resulting in floors that are no longer level. Doors may not properly fit in their frames because the frames themselves are crooked now that a house is “bending,” and even stairs and walls can crack and split apart as a house slowly tears itself in different directions. But these are all problems that basement waterproofing in Cape St. Claire can either fix or prevent entirely.

A Helping Hand – Basement Waterproofing Cape St. Claire

AA Action Waterproofing is a seasoned, professional group of experts that knows every wet basement problem is unique. There’s an interaction of different elements at play with each home, based around certain environmental conditions, the climate of the area, and the characteristics of the home structure itself.

When we come to your home for a professional consultation, we take each of these factors into account as we investigate the concerns you have, and use our experience to determine the exact nature how water is getting into your home and why. Then we formulate a solution that is unique the situation you and your home are in.

If water is penetrating your home through the walls, we may suggest a membrane barrier to keep it out. If a problem with the foundation is the source of the trouble, we can conduct comprehensive foundation repairs using techniques like “mudjacking” to restore stability and prevent new cracks from appearing. Whatever your home needs, AA Action Waterproofing ensures that basement waterproofing in Cape St. Claire will be done professionally and efficiently.