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Basement Waterproofing Camp Springs

Camp Springs is a pretty sizable community that has managed to maintain a low profile despite some significant claims to fame. Andrews Air Force Base is here, along with the President’s plane, Air Force One. That hasn’t stopped the town itself from embracing smaller, more family-oriented matters, such as keeping elders active with the Camp Springs Senior Activity Center and Annie’s Art Gallery continues to encourage people to express their poetic and artistic side with special public events.

But even with such a balanced way of life on the surface, Camp Spring residents may have a problem they’re not even aware of creating an imbalance right in their very own homes. It may be happening right under their feet, starting with a leaky basement, and if they ignore it, it can become a huge, expensive problem. But with proper basement waterproofing in Camp Springs, it can also be decisively, effectively handled.

How Water Hurts

While water seems harmless unless you drown in it, it actually has a great capacity for destruction over a long period of time. We commonly refer to this as “erosion.” Water can remove tiny particles of any substance it encounters, and if it does this without interruption, it can eventually wear away whatever it encounters.

Of course, water in large amounts can also cause a great amount of destruction in a short period of time, and some basements may be prone to flooding in one way or another. Some basements may flood through no fault of their own; they are built competently, with great care and skill, and they are very effective at keeping naturally occurring water from penetrating into the basement. What these basements can’t do, however, is protect a home from flooding that occurs through the sewage line that connects a home to city’s main sewage system. And, unfortunately, some areas have sewers designed in just such a way that under the wrong circumstances these sewer lines flood, and are unable to contain the water within so it simply flows back into homes along the line to relieve the pressure of flooding.

In other instances, flooding occurs because of a home’s “altitude.” Water will always flow downwards, so if a home is located at the lowest point in an area, then heavy rains will naturally force water from higher areas down to where a home is, and if there’s a lot of water, this will naturally penetrate a basement and begin to flood it.

Flood damage is one of the most expensive types of repair that a homeowner can experience, and in many cases there are a number of complications that need to be dealt with. In addition to removing the water, there’s the extensive damage to a home’s electrical systems, as the fuse box and much of a home’s wiring, heating and water systems are placed in the basement. If the flood is the result of a sewage back up, there’s an immediate health risk from untreated waste now floating in the basement. Even regular flooding still poses a health risk as a flood basement becomes a breeding ground for mold, which poses serious threat of illnesses to residents of a home, possibly leading to much more severe sicknesses like lung infection. But flooding is one of the hazards that basement waterproofing in Camp Springs is designed to repel.

How We Help

AA Action Waterproofing has been helping residents of Camp Springs and other communities in Maryland for years. When you come to use with a leaky or flooded basement problem, we respond with a professional consultation that brings our expert knowledge and equipment straight to your door to help. We hear your concerns, and then conduct our own inspection of your home, assessing the situation and looking into the exact causes of the problems you now experience.

Once we’ve determined why water is coming into your basement, we can get to work. Whatever your needs, we can meet them. We have preventive measures that keep water problems from ever getting to the point that flooding is an issue, but if your home is already experiencing flooding we have measures on hand to address that as well.

For sewage back up, mechanisms like a backwater valve can be installed directly on the sewer line so that when this type of flooding occurs, your home is shielded from this avenue of invasion, and sewer water never penetrates into your home. For homes in low lying areas, water flow control is an effective solution, with French drains and sump pumps that collect the water before it hits the basement, redirecting it to areas far away from your home.

For all your basement waterproofing in Camp Springs needs, AA Action Waterproofing is the place to go.