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Basement Waterproofing Calverton

While Calverton’s major claim to Hollywood fame is a brief mention in the movie Time Cop, the town itself is relatively young by Maryland standards, though it has a very active citizenry. The Calverton Citizens Association has been responsible for helping to bring in more parks, fought against the installation of compost facilities in the area, and distributes the Calverton Current newsletter to all residents in the area.

But as active as Calverton residents are when it comes to looking out for the welfare of the town around them, they make the same mistake that homeowners all over Maryland and the rest of America do, and that is to not think about the welfare of the town from below. Every home in the town is susceptible to the threats of a leaky or wet basement, but without basement waterproofing in Calverton, these problems can grow very serious and very expensive.

The High Cost Of Ignorance

If you find water accumulating on the walls or floor of your basement, it’s very easy to think of it as harmless. After all, water in small amounts doesn’t amount to much, and it evaporates in time, so this seems like a problem that takes care of itself.

That kind of thinking just means that your house is displaying symptoms of a growing problem, and you are choosing to ignore it. But if you do make this choice, and decide to simply live with the problem, how bad could it be?

If water is coming into your basement, regardless of the amount, this already means you can’t finish or renovate the basement. Drywall, carpet and other finishing touches are extremely vulnerable to water damage, with drywall rotting and wet carpet degrading. If you decide to ignore this, this means you either accept your basement will remain unfinished, or you accept that your will constantly need to repair your drywall and replace your carpet, or simply finish the basement and accept that these finishing will degrade and you are okay with that.

If a persistently damp environment occurs, this becomes the ideal breeding ground of mold, and once a mold colony begins, it reproduces and grows by sending mold spores into the air. These spores permeate an entire home, which, again, if you simply accept this, means you are okay with yourself and everyone in the house breathing in spores that can lead to serious illness, even lung infections in some cases. That means you’re fine with the cost of medical treatment, or willing to tolerate everyone in your home becoming sick.

If the water damage continues, eventually it will start coming into the home in larger amounts. Hydrostatic pressure can literally force water to squeeze through the tiny holes in concrete to gather on walls or on the floor, and if the pressure becomes too great, it can deform basement walls or even crack basement floors. Once this happens, the foundation becomes damaged, and this can lead to tilted floors as the house becomes unbalanced, crooked door frames, bent window frames, and even cracks in the walls and steps becoming crooked or separate from each other as the house slowly tears itself apart in different directions. And if you accept this, this means you’re either okay with the declining value of your home and a very low possibility of ever selling it when it’s clearly in such poor condition, or you simply don’t care that your home is structural, physical danger to you and everyone that lives in the building.

In other words the “expensive” cost of fixing a wet basement becomes more and more expensive as time goes on, and if saving money was your initial goal for ignoring repairs, then you’re setting yourself up for a massive repair bill at a later date, or have resigned yourself to the idea that you don’t care about the value of your home or the safety of its occupants.

But if you do care about all of these things, then basement waterproofing in Calverton can solve these problems.

Get The Experts To Help

AA Action Waterproofing has been helping Calverton and other Maryland residents for years. If you need basement waterproofing in Calverton, we will give you a thorough, professional consultation, hearing your concerns, inspecting the problem, and tracking down the source of the water penetration and determining its cause. Once we have our answers, we work to provide a lasting solution that takes into the account the geology of the area you’re in, the needs of your particular structure’s characteristics, and the climate of the area. All of these factors make your home’s water problems unique and demand a unique solution. AA Action Waterproofing provides that.