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Basement Waterproofing Cabin John

Cabin John is a small but lively Maryland community that enjoys a quiet, woodsy small town ambiance. What started as a place originally designated for summer homes became a place of year round residents that just couldn’t bring themselves to leave, and from there the town just kept growing. It still carries a lot of history within its small boundaries, but also keeps things fresh with new traditions like the Cabin John crab feast and the Cabin John Citizens Association carries on an agenda of helpfulness and cooperation among the community that is a model for everyone to follow.

But even with an upstanding citizenry that helps the aged and disadvantaged, Cabin John still has challenges to deal with of the residential kind. The moral fiber of the community is strong, but the structural soundness of the basements the community lives in may not be. A leaky basement in some homes may be a sign that residents are ignoring, but if they do so, it can turn into a large expensive problem that could have been avoided with the prudent use of basement waterproofing in Cabin John.

Water Can Be Destructive

Water can be many things. To many homeowners, it is a useful, vital component of life at home that provides us with something to drink, something to cook with and clean clothes and ourselves with. Few people think of it as a destructive force that can hurt us, unless we have the misfortune to be caught in a once-in-a-lifetime flood situation, or drown because we can’t swim.

But water has another role, and that is one as a force of erosion in nature. It does this work by simply carrying away tiny particles of whatever it encounters. When water, either in the form of heavy rains, big snow melts, or moisture in the ground, encounters a basement, this erosion process works on the basement in various ways.

Some basements, for example, can flood through no fault of their own but as a direct result of sewer construction that didn’t correctly predict how much of a load the sewer system itself would have to carry. In cases like this, a flooded sewer can go over capacity, and force sewage back up into homes, causing both water damage and a tremendous health hazard to the homes that experience this.

In other cases, water works far more slowly, as a constant pressure on the walls or floor of basement, forcing water through, or even acting with such force that walls bend, or floors crack against the tremendous hydrostatic pressure. Water can even work under the foundation itself, causing the soil the foundation sits on to move away. If this happens, the foundation, which previously had stable, equal footing to distribute the weight of the entire home, loses that balance and is forced to redistribute the weight of the entire home in a way that slowly tilts the home, or even tears the house apart over a period of years.

All of these problems and many more have water as the cause, but basement waterproofing in Cabin John can deal with these challenges head on, and put a stop to them.

Experienced Problem Solving

AA Action Waterproofing has been helping people with basement problems for years, and we understand that every home will have different circumstances and challenges to overcome. Basement waterproofing in Cabin John is not a one-size-fits all proposition, and neither is it something that can be addressed with an easy DIY fix using equipment purchased at chain hardware retail outlet.

A wet basement is caused through an interplay of many different factors like the structure of the home itself, the composition of soil and other environmental components and the weather and climate of the area. These forces all act in different ways to ensure that no wet basement problem is exactly like another. AA Action Waterproofing is well versed in consulting with you to see where your concerns lie, and then conduct our own investigation to delve deeper and understand the true extent of the damage and the cause.

If your home is victim to flooding from sewers, a backwater valve installed in your basement will be the perfect solution to put an end to this. If the problem is more extensive, with water coming in because of a damaged foundation, we can repair the foundation first through any number of techniques such as “mudjacking” to restore stability to your home before addressing the damage to the basement. And if the walls of your basement are being exposed to too much water, a membrane barrier may be the fix you need to keep liquid out and your walls dry.

Whatever the problem is that’s bringing water into your basement, AA Action Waterproofing has the knowledge, experience and equipment to understand what the trouble is, and then decisively, permanently fix it.