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Basement Waterproofing Butler

Butler is a small, seemingly inconspicuous town in Maryland, but that hasn’t stopped it from being the host of many prestigious equestrian events like the Grand Nationals and the Hunt Cup. It’s also been a favorite residential area for a lot of America’s “old money,” and played a significant role in Baptist history with the Black Rock Address of 1832 at the Black Rock Primitive Baptist Church. For a small town, it packs a lot of legacy.

But, like other towns in Maryland and throughout America, despite the safe, quiet environment the town provides on the surface, there may be trouble brewing right under the feet of residents, perhaps right even in their own homes. A leaky basement is something that can happen anywhere in America, and Butler is no different, but basement waterproofing in Butler can take care of this problem.

A Small Problem Gets Bigger

Initially, some people may look into their basements and see some water on the walls, deciding that they have a wet basement, but that this isn’t really an issue. And for a period of time, this may even be true. Water, all by itself, collecting on walls or in small pools on the floor isn’t especially harmful to a home, not compared to a fire or a tornado, or even a huge, old, uprooted tree falling towards the ground.

But the real danger that water represents is that those telltale signs of condensation on the walls or pools on the floor are a warning. And most people choose to ignore it.

Water works slowly, and in a way, relies on people developing a false sense of security from seeing small amounts of water in their basement and incorrectly assuming it will always stay that way. In fact, those early signs of water coming into a home are an announcement to homeowners that water has found a structural weakness in your home, and is now working to capitalize on this discovery and gradually, inevitably, make it much worse.

Water is one of nature’s great agents of erosion. That means that, given an opportunity, it can wear away anything, and the building materials of a basement like wood, brick and concrete, are not immune to this. Water dappling the wall of a basement means that a lot of water vapor is actually passing through the walls, and reforming into liquid once it encounters the cooler temperatures of the basement itself. Water trickling from basement walls, or appearing from seemingly nowhere on a basement floor means there is a lot of water just outside the basement walls or floor, pushing against them with such pressure that they are actually penetrating the porous spaces of the concrete and literally “brute forcing” their way in in small amounts, at least for the time being. As this pressure builds up, it can actually change the shape of basement walls, bowing them inwards, or even forcing them to crack. If this happens, a crack is just the next step water needs to accelerate damage even further and become more aggressive about affecting the structural integrity of the foundation, thereby affecting an entire home, lowering its value immensely and putting residents at physical risk. But basement waterproofing in Butler can solve these problems, or prevent them from ever happening if you act with prudence and foresight.

Prevention With Professional Help

If you contact AA Action Waterproofing, we can help you at any stage of a water problem regardless of how early or advanced. If you’re building a new home, for example, and want to ensure that no problem has a chance of ever happening even before you’ve moved in, then basement waterproofing in Butler is a straightforward, comprehensive affair, with membrane barriers erected around the foundation as the house is being built, though this type of procedure can also be done after construction. In those cases however, it involves digging a trench around the home to access the foundation.

If you’ve already got water coming into the home after having lived in it for a while, we can come over for a professional consultation and listen to your concerns. We can then inspect the problem areas ourselves to see the true extent of the water and track down the points of penetration so we can determine the exact cause. Once we understand how and why water is entering your basement we can come to you with a tailor made solution for the circumstances and structure of your home, and work on a final, permanent fix that will eliminate the water, and keep it out.