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Basement Waterproofing Burtonsville

Burtonsville has the unique distinction in Maryland of going through a lot of names. The area was once called that Patuxent Hundred, the Eastern Branch Hundred, Maiden’s Fancy, and, at one point, simply Burton’s, before finally settling on the name it has today. Now it is home to Burtonsville Day, and one of the highest native American populations in Maryland.

But while the town itself has undergone many changes in name, there’s one problem homeowners in the town face that has always remained the same. Water may be trying to get into some Burtonsville homes, resulting in a wet or leaky basement. And if this water problem remains unchecked, it can have some very expensive and serious consequences for a home, unless basement waterproofing in Burtonsville resolves the issue.

How Water Damage Works

Water is a slow, patient threat to homes that will catch most homeowners unprepared simply because they’re not aware of the scale of time that is required for this type of damage to take effect. A bad rainstorm knocking a tree branch off and breaking a window is a quick, brief event that everyone can understand. But water slowly wearing away at the foundation of a home is a little harder to grasp without the proper explanation.

Water is a force of erosion, and in the natural world is one of the primary and most powerful forces of erosion around. It’s just not the fastest. But if you want a good example of what water can accomplish when it’s given the opportunity, just imagine how much effort it would take to dig out the Grand Canyon, and understand that water performed that same task all by itself. And it does the same things to the basement of a home, in different ways.

Water can work under a home’s foundation, carrying away the dirt that the concrete foundation was originally poured on, so that parts of it are no longer supported and a house either tilts, or even starts to crack in areas like the basement and eventually the rest of the home as the building begins to tear. Water can crack open walls or floor all by itself by simply gathering up enough pressure to push against concrete and eventually break it. Water can even deform the shape of walls, “bowing” them with constant pressure and putting the entire structural integrity of a home under pressure.

And it’s not just the structure of the home that water can affect, although that’s bad enough. A finished basement with areas like home theaters, entertainment rooms, or “man caves” is in serious danger if water gets in. Delicate home electronics are fair game to damage and the drywall and carpeting used, as well as any premium furniture can all be ruined by water entering the space and even play host to mold, which can endanger the health of everyone in the home. For these and many other reasons, a leaky or wet basement problem should always be rectified with professional basement waterproofing in Burtonsville.

Bring In The Professionals

Fixing a water problem in a basement is never as easy as a quick, DIY fix. That sort of measure is like skin treatment for skin sores caused by cancer. It may ease some symptoms, but it is not actually curing the disease, so the opportunity for symptoms to reoccur remains. AA Action Waterproofing understand this, and when you contact us for help, we’ll give it with a thorough, professional consultation.

When we work with you, we first hear out your concerns about the problems you are encountering and then examine the areas where you are already seeing problems with water. Then we take things a step further and use our own expert knowledge and equipment to determine the exact cause of the water penetration, which is likely to be an interplay of different factors between the composition in the environment, the climate of the location and the structure of the home itself.

Once we have a definitive idea of what the problem and its cause are, we can work on a permanent solution that will be customized to suit the exact needs and circumstances of your home. These solutions run the gamut from extensive foundation repair if that is required, to installing a backwater valve to prevent sewage flooding from entering your home, to an initial mold remediation procedure in order to ensure the health of everyone in the household before continuing on with other waterproofing procedures.

Whatever it is that your home needs to solve its wet basement problem, AA Action Waterproofing has the experience and equipment to solve it once and for all.