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Basement Waterproofing Burkittsville

Burkittsville should have been just another small, quiet, Maryland town that didn’t draw much attention to itself. It’s got a lot of notable history, with the Burkittsville historical district being a proud part of the legacy of Crampton’s Gap historic district. These days however, when most people think Burkittsville, they think Blair Witch Project, and this is just a new and baffling addition to Burkittsville’s reputation that it has to live.

One of the other things that Burkittsville residents think they may have to live with is a problem that’s right under their feet, in form of a wet or leaky basement. But unlike the Blair Witch reputation that came to the town uninvited, a problem with a wet basement is not something that people just have to adjust to in their lives. In fact, most of the time that’s the last thing a homeowner should do, as it can lead to very large, very expensive problems in the future, unless basement waterproofing in Burkittsville steps in to resolve it.

Water Isn’t Harmless

To most homeowners, water comes in two harmless forms; as the liquid that is piped into the home, or the stuff that the roof keeps off when it rains or when it snows. Neither of these aspects of water seems particularly threatening, and in the case of water that’s piped in, we drink it, wash with it, do our laundry with it, and even cook with it, so it’s a very useful, essential part of our home life.

Water in the basement however, is none of these things. Your roof is designed to keep water out of your home, and if it lets water in, something is wrong. The same can be said of your basement. If you see dampness on the walls, trickles leaking down from the walls, or pools forming on the floor, this isn’t just business as usual for your basement, it should not be letting water in at all, and the fact that it’s there means that something is wrong.

Water will always try to get into your basement. It follows gravity, constantly moving downwards, and the basement is the lowest point of your home and subsequently the most viable point of entry. While water by itself as dampness on the walls or a small pool on the floor poses relatively little threat to a home, this changes as the amounts increase.

A consistently damp basement, for example, can become an ideal environment for mold. Once mold spreads in a basement, it reproduces by sending more spores into the air, and it does this constantly. These spores are tiny, invisible, and anyone living in a home with a large mold infestation is breathing these spores as long as they remain in the home. This can present a massive health hazard, especially if the mold present in the home causes a serious lung infection.

If water itself is gathering in large amounts, it can damage anything that is in the basement, even if the basement itself isn’t finished and is only used for laundry or storage. Cardboard boxes, the furnace, air conditioning unit and water heater are all vulnerable to water damage. And if water is flooding into a home because of backing up of sewage from a sewer line that floods, this presents an extreme health risk to residents. All of these problems can be decisively taken care of with professional basement waterproofing in Burkittsville.

Get Professional Help

AA Action Waterproofing is a knowledgeable, experienced team of experts that use the latest equipment and techniques to help people all over Maryland with their waterproofing needs. Whether you see only hints of a larger problem that you would like to “head off at the pass,” or have a major issue that needs to be resolved for the safety of everyone in the home, we can help.

If you need basement waterproofing in Burkittsville, we start by meeting you in your home and listening to your concerns. We conduct our own inspection of the problem areas that you’ve already found, then we investigate further, looking into how the water is coming in, and, ultimately, tracking down the reason why the water is entering your basement space.

Once the cause has been determined, we put together a custom solution based on the specific needs of your home. For prevention problems, we may only need to install vapor or membrane barriers to keep water out. For mold colonies, a mold remediation procedure needs to be conducted immediately for the safety of all residents. For sewage floods, a backwater valve may be the ideal solution, since it’s not the house that floods, but the sewer line it is attached to. Whatever the unique challenges are that your home faces for a wet basement, AA Action Waterproofing will find a permanent solution and implement it for you.