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Basement Waterproofing Brunswick

Brunswick first became an important town because of the railroad, and while that’s not as much of a factor to the town today, the Brunswick railroad museum is an important part of the town’s history. Brunswick’s Railroad Days event is also a reminder of those earlier times, and the rich legacy of the town can still be found in the Brunswick Historic District. Ironically, now that there’s a glut in cars and bad traffic, Brunswick has risen to prominence once again as a commuter rail location.

In similar fashion, there’s a rise and fall of forces at work not just in Brunswick’s history, but its basements. This rise and fall, however, isn’t something that affects the town’s economy or industry, it potentially affects the homes of the town’s residents, as it does for many homeowners across Maryland and America. It’s the rising and falling amounts of water on or in the ground and how it can hurt a basement and, consequently, the rest of your home. But it’s a problem that basement waterproofing in Brunswick can readily fix.

Water Can Cost You

For most people, water doesn’t seem like much of a threat unless you’re thrown into a swimming pool and can’t swim. But that’s because we generally view threats on a much shorter span of time. Water doesn’t work like that. It’s a force of erosion that means it works so slowly and in such tiny increments that you can’t really notice it with your naked eye. But your wallet will notice when it comes time to deal with the effects of what water—when left to its own devices for a long enough period of time—can do to a home.

For example if you’re getting water leaking or condensing on the walls of your basement, or pooling up from the floor, this puts an immediate restriction on what you can do with your basement. As long as that water continues to appear, you can’t renovate and finish your basement.

If, for some reason, you do decide to renovate your basement, two things will happen. Any drywall or carpeting or other delicate finishes you put in will be ruined by the regular appearance of water, meaning you’ll have to remove, repair and/or replace these items on a constant basis. If you decide not to do this, and live with wet carpet and eroding walls, these items will eventually play host to colonies of mold that will spread throughout the basement and send spores into the air. The spores themselves can potentially cause many illnesses, including a lung infection that can be extremely serious. This means you’ll either have to spend more money on mold remediation, or resign yourself to bringing members of the household to the doctor for treatment because you refuse to spend money to stop your home from being a health hazard.

If you decide to not finish your basement and allow the water to continue collect, it can still encourage mold growth even without renovations, and, if left unchecked, water can degrade concrete, crack walls or floors, and even start damaging the foundation. Once a foundation is damaged, an entire home is at risk to being slowly torn apart over a period of years, with crooked window frames, door frames, uneven floors and even cracks that run across walls and steps that separate over time. Now you face either substantial repairs to your entire home, or accept that if you ever want to put your home up for sale, the price will have to be extremely low for people to accept it in this condition if you don’t want to conduct repairs yourself. At every step of the way, without basement waterproofing in Brunswick, a home with water problems ends costing even more money in terms of health, repair, or home value.

Experts Can Help

AA Action Waterproofing has years of experience in helping people deal with wet basements. If you need basement waterproofing in Brunswick, contact us and we will give you a comprehensive, professional consultation. We will listen to your concerns, and we will investigate the areas where you’ve already encountered problems. We will then take our inspection further tracing the water invasion of your home back to its root cause, so we can formulate a proper plan to fix the problem once and for all.

The solution to wet or leaky basements will vary from home to home, based on the geology of the area, the location, the weather and the structure of the home itself. Our recommendations will be based on the unique circumstances and characteristics of both your home and the water problem that faces it.