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Basement Waterproofing Brooklandville

Brooklandville is a small community, but that hasn’t stopped it from making some major claims to prominence in Maryland. The Green Spring Station is here, which houses the nationally renowned Johns Hopkins Hospital, and the Maryvale Preparatory school continues to be a nurturing center for Catholic school girls while still making a small claim to fame in a Hollywood movie appearance.

Brooklandville manages a delicate balance between a small town life and some major talking points, but unfortunately this balance only applies to the surface of the town. What goes on underneath is another story, a quiet, long term one with potential problems for the residents. It’s not a commonly discussed problem, but a damp basement can be the start of something more serious, unless basement waterproofing in Brooklandville steps in to make things right.

Water Is A Threat

To the average homeowner, water is only ever considered in the context of pipes bringing it into the home for cooking, drinking, washing and laundry. The rest of the time, it’s just something that patters on the roof during rain storms, or piles up in big white mounds during the winter. Rarely is it ever regarded as a slow acting threat that’s coming into the home from underground. But that is exactly one of the potential roles that water can play for a home.

Water is slow, patient and relentless. It isn’t like a rock thrown at your window, or a breakdown in your car. It is a force for erosion, meaning that it works by picking tiny particles of whatever it encounters and simply carrying those particles away to somewhere else. If enough time passes, this begins to make a significant impact, with the Grand Canyon being the most stunning example of what water can do when it is left alone.

In terms of a home, water coming into a basement—regardless of the amounts that you find it in—means that water has found a weakness of some kind, and is exploiting it. Concrete, for example, is a porous substance, meaning that as solid as it appears, it actually has spaces inside that can admit water either in liquid or vapor form, to penetrate your home. If water enters as vapor, then condenses back to liquid form, this is how a damp basement occurs. But if water is actually pooling on the walls or floor in significant amounts, this means that a substantial amount of water is actually pressing against or below your home, and it is soaking through the concrete in small amounts that will only get larger.

This can result in cracks in the concrete itself, or even the “rotting” of concrete if it was improperly poured, and water erodes the spaces within, making them larger. With a consistently damp environment, water can provide the ideal space for mold to being a colony, which then poses a serious health hazard for everyone in the home as mold constantly sends spores into the air that all residents breathe, leading to potential illnesses like lung infection. Basement waterproofing in Brooklandville can address all of these issues.

What We Do

AA Action Waterproofing has years of experience with basement waterproofing in Brooklandville and other parts of Maryland. If you see water in your basement and have concerns, when you contact us, we will come to your home for a professional consultation. After hearing you out, we will conduct our own inspection of the problem areas you’ve found, and then delve deeper to find the root cause, see how the water is entering your basement, and, more importantly, find out why it is happening.

Once we have determined the true extent of the situation, we can formulate a plan to definitively solve the problem. The solution to water coming into a basement is always going to vary from home to home. What works for one residence won’t be appropriate for another because the unique interplay of geography, geology and architecture create different conditions, and problems. It’s impossible for a one-size-fits-all solution to address every problem. A consistently damp basement due to condensation is going to require a vapor barrier in the basement or other crawl spaces to solve the issue. Cracks in the basement floor that let water in may actually be a symptom of a damaged foundation, so “mudjacking,” which injects cement into an empty space below where the foundation used to sit on something solid may fix the problem. In other cases, a flood may regularly occur in the basement due to sewage from the line coming into the home during heavy rains, so a backwater valve is what’s required to address the problem.

Whatever water issue it is that faces your home, AA Action Waterproofing is here to help.