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Basement Waterproofing Brookeville

Brookeville is an old and venerable Maryland town with a lot of history behind it. The Brookeville Academy was one of the first preparatory schools in the country and still stands to this day as a historical building for the town. Even though the town is smaller now than in past decades, the Reddy Branch continues to flow just outside the town like it always has, and the Rachel Carson conservation park is still a pleasant place for families to enjoy the natural landscape that Maryland offers.

But even a small town like Brookeville can have its share of problems for homeowners. Those problems may not be immediately apparent, especially for people that don’t worry about what’s happening underground, or regularly inspect the condition of their basement, but that’s where the trouble can start. It may just be a leaky basement, but it can grow into a serious issue that can affect the entire home without basement waterproofing in Brookeville.

Water Is Patient

Water can damage a basement and a home, but this is not something that happens quickly, unless a catastrophic weather event transpires, like a flood, from which there is almost no defense, since that’s not water coming into the basement from underground sources.

The usual method that water employees is one of slow, relentless damage over a long period of time. Water is one of the great forces of erosion in nature, and it achieves this goal simply by carrying away minute pieces of any substance it encounters and depositing it somewhere else. Concrete, as solid as it may appear, is actually a porous substance, meaning that it is not waterproof or water repellant, and has tiny spaces inside that can admit water, eventually letting water penetrate one side and come out the other. This means that even a solid concrete wall, with no cracks or other visible structural flaws can still have water “magically” appear through walls or the floor, if the water moves through as a vapor and reforms into liquid in the cooler temperatures of a basement. Or the water can simply pile up outside a foundation wall or floor and exert enough hydrostatic pressure it simply forces its way in. With enough force over enough time, this can eventually cause physical cracks in the concrete itself, which then accelerates the process of damage.

With the right circumstances, water can even lift an entire home, a process called “frost heaving.” If temperatures drop enough that water freezes, any water inside soil can become ice, and, as with water in an ice cube tray, it expands. If that water in the ground is surrounding a home, this can actually push the home up, lifting it slightly off the soil on which the foundation sits. When spring arrives, the foundation sinks back down. Over time, this rise and fall of the foundation can cause it to move, become unbalanced, and start slowly tearing the house apart, resulting in tilting floors, crooked door and window frames, and cracks in the foundation that can admit even more water. Basement waterproofing in Brookeville can fix all this.

The Right People For The Job

AA Action Waterproofing is ready to help Brookeville residents just like they’ve been helping other homeowners in Maryland for many years. We bring a legion of expert knowledge and modern equipment to basement waterproofing in Brookeville, and when we do a job, we do it right.

When you come to us we respond with a professional consultation that listens to the problems that you’ve encountered, looks at the areas you are concerned about, and then inspects above and beyond what you’ve found to find the true root cause of the problem. Every home is going to have a different situation based on its location, the local geology, the weather it has experienced, and even the structure of the home. All of these factors interplay with each other to create distinct wet basement problems that require custom solutions.

If mold, for example, has already begun to infest a consistently damp basement, we will recommend mold remediation as a priority procedure to protect the health of all residents in the home before addressing the water problem. If that’s not an issue, but a damp basement is, we can install vapor barriers to prevent that moisture from penetrating into your home and condensing back into liquid. For more serious problems such as cracks in the wall, the foundation may be the culprit and may need to be repaired first to ensure no more stress damages the walls and floors and allows more cracks to admit water.

Whatever the cause of wet basement will be AA Action Waterproofing has the people, tools and expertise to fix it.