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Basement Waterproofing Boring

The town of Boring obviously gets a lot of attention when people find out about the name, which makes the town itself more fun than its name would imply. When residents are getting their mail errands done at their Boring post office, they enjoy a Boring Gas Engine Show & Flea Market, which is conducted by the Boring volunteer fire department. This may be a small, quiet and even occasionally boring town, but to residents, it certainly doesn’t feel that way.

Humorous name aside, some residents of Boring may actually have a serious problem on their hands, or rather, under their feet. It works slowly and patiently, and many residents won’t even notice it’s happening at first, but a wet basement can be a real problem for homeowners, especially if they decide to ignore the problem and allow it to grow into a bigger and much more expensive crisis. Fortunately, basement waterproofing in Boring is the perfect solution to this problem.

Why Water Matters

For the average home owner, seeing a damp wall, or finding a little bit of water on the floor seems like minor problem, maybe even an expected, unavoidable consequence of owning a home. Nothing could be further from the truth. All homes are originally built with the intention of keeping all water out, especially in the basement, and the reason for this is the persistent presence of water in a basement is an indicator that something is wrong. Water of any amount in a basement is a symptom of a much larger issue that can gradually become much more serious.

Even a damp basement, with no pools of water, is not something people should simply live with. Recurring dampness means that water vapor is constantly “bleeding in” to your home and condensing back into liquid form once it hits the cooler temperatures of your basement. This turns your basement into a breeding ground for mold. Mold, once it settles down and forms colonies, reproduces by sending more spores into the air, which eventually get distributed throughout the entire home. Breathing in certain types of mold spores can lead to sickness, even some serious forms of lung infection.

If the water is in actual liquid form, the amounts can have varying effects on a basement. A finished basement will be the worst off, as water leaking through walls or the floor can affect finished drywall, or ruin carpeting and, if it brings dampness into the basement, bring mold back as colonies in the walls or under the carpet itself. If water comes in larger amounts, such as a layer on the floor, this means that home could be prone to very serious flood damage and that the only reason it hasn’t happened yet is weather and circumstance haven’t created enough water to cause this. But one day it will happen. Unless basement waterproofing in Boring happens first.

Qualified Professional Work

When water comes into a basement, there can be many causes for this, and the final answer is usually an interplay of factors between the location, the weather and the structure. It takes an experienced eye to understand this interaction of forces, and AA Action Waterproofing has been providing this for years to Boring and other towns in Maryland.

Waterproofing in Boring begins with a professional consultation to hear the concerns of the residents at look at the problem areas they have already discovered. A professional inspection follows where we use our knowledge and our equipment to probe and analyze both the home and the surrounding area, looking into all the factors that may cause the water to enter, and tracking down both the exact points of entry as well as the ultimate cause for the water entering the basement.

When the damage has been assessed and the cause has been analyzed, a permanent solution can be implemented to ensure that the water never makes a return. How extensive the work will be is entirely dependent on the cause of the problem. If water is coming in as a result of damage to the foundation, the foundation itself will need to be repaired first, otherwise any other repairs will be superficial in nature and more damage will reoccur. If the problem is smaller, and it’s a matter of water entering through pipes that lead back outside that have lost some sealant, this can be rectified with new, longer lasting materials to better protect the home. Whatever the scale of the work that needs to be done, AA Action Waterproofing provides you with reliable, professional results that work every time.