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Basement Waterproofing Beverly Beach

It may be small, but the charm of Beverly Beach can’t be ignored. It’s ideally located as one of Maryland’s top beach communities, with an enviable Chesapeake Bay location. The Beverly Beach that the town takes its name from is a private beach, and the marina ensures that anyone with a bug for boating can enjoy everything that this town offers.

However, being surrounded by water creates certain environmental risks for residents of Beverly Beach. It’s not just water from sea storms that residents have to worry about, as water from rain and humidity can all cause problems underground for the homeowners in the area. It’s not a problem that will happen quickly or dramatically with most homes, but that just means people are slower to act and notice when it does happen. And when people finally realize that a wet basement is damaging their home, only basement waterproofing in Beverly Beach can solve the problem.

Water’s Costly Consequences

Water damaging a basement is an easy hazard to miss because most people don’t closely inspect their basement, and the scale of time at which water damage can occur can be very long. For people who are planning to renovate and finish a basement, this is a problem that needs to be addressed at the earliest stage possible, because water regularly coming into a basement means damage to the finishing that most people would think to apply. Damp basement walls can mean damaged drywall, and water pooling up from the floor can regularly soak and ruin carpet. Perhaps most worryingly of all, in the case of both drywall and carpet, a consistently wet environment can cause mold to grow underneath these surfaces. Once that happens, it can spread dangerous spores in the air with the potential for serious lung infection that poses a major health threat to everyone that lives in the home.

Even if you decide you don’t want a finished basement, water coming into this part of your home isn’t something you should just decide to “live with.” This is especially true if you have no intention of living in a home all your life and would someday like to sell it. Water damage to a basement brings down the value of a home. If mold infests the basement, this is a health threat. If hydrostatic pressure is forcing the water through the walls or floor, this can eventually crack these parts of the home, and once that happens, more water gets in, and more cracks will appear. If water has been eroding parts of the foundation, then the cracks may be appearing because the house tilting or moving in some other manner, and that means these cracks are just the start of a breakdown process where the house slowly, over a matter of years, attempts to tear itself apart, leading to doors that no longer fit their frames, floors that are uneven, and even steps and other parts of the home simply breaking up. Basement waterproofing in Beverly Beach could prevent all this.

The Right People For The Right Job

Unlike some other problems that may trouble a home, a wet basement is not something that a fast, easy, DIY solution can fix. In most cases, all DIY fixes can do is cover up a little bit of damage, but do nothing to actually address what is causing the damage itself.

AA Action Waterproofing, however, has had years of experience in helping people with basement waterproofing in Beverly Beach. When you contact us, we will meet you in your home for a professional consultation and conduct a thorough inspection of the problem areas you point out. We then use our own extensive knowledge and equipment to track down all the points that water is entering a home, and determine the exact cause and severity of the problem.

In some cases, a water problem may not be serious at all, and can be due to poor craftsmanship in the basement itself. New sealant applied to pipes, or polyurethane-based injection materials to fills minor cracks can solve less serious problems. But if cracks are large, extensive, or you are seeing clear deformation in the shape of your basement walls, this could be any number of factors from intense hydrostatic pressure overwhelming the foundation, to the foundation itself moving out of alignment, causing the house to become imbalanced and start slowly moving in different directions.

AA Action Waterproofing knows all the causes and scenarios for how water can affect a basement and ultimately a home. We can keep you appraised of exactly what is happening to your home and why, and then we can work with you to eliminate the problem once and for all.