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Basement Waterproofing Berlin MD

How Dry Is Your Basement These Days?

Is your basement as fresh and dry as you would like it to be? If you’re like most other Berlin residents your answer is likely ìno way!î We’ve been there. Leaky basements put you at risk for problems that range from minor annoyances to house-wrecking disasters.

That’s Why We’re Here

Our Basement Waterproofing Berlin company is dedicated to making sure our town has some of the tightest, driest basements out there. We’re also determined to get you the best deal possible, saving you money now and in the future (we’ll talk more about that part later).

How do we do this? In just a few simple steps. First, you give us a call. We’ll get an idea of your basement’s current shape and let you know what it will take to get it where it should be. We’ll also give you a fair, honest quote so you’ll know what to expect. Once you’re ready we’ll get to work. In the end you’ll have a dry, leak-free basement on time and under budget.

So You Were Saying Basement Waterproofing Can Save Me Money?

Your basement can be a huge drain on your heating and cooling system. You know how cold Berlin can get in the middle of winter. If your basement has leaks your heater will end up pumping the heat you need for your house outside. We’ve seen the impact this waste can have on our own heating bills, and we bet it impacts yours as well.

Your wallet isn’t safe in the summer either. The humidity around here can get pretty bad. If your basement is letting in additional moisture it can get even worse. This forces your air conditioner to do double duty to keep your home cool and dry. That translates to money that would be better kept in your wallet.

How Do I Know If I Need Basement Waterproofing Berlin?

We’ve seen a lot of different homes in Berlin, but we find that the structures in our area have many of the same symptoms. It’s pretty obvious that you have a problem if you notice half a foot of standing water in your lowest level, but there are plenty of other signs too.

Keep a close eye on your basement walls and floor. Condensation on cold surfaces in the summer is a common sign that moisture is making its way in. If your floor is carpeted, look for signs of deterioration. Water can damage wood, so it is also wise to look at your headers, joists, columns, and sill plates for signs of rot.

What do you smell in your basement? If you have to hold your nose when you go downstairs, there may be mold growth, a clear sign of a leaky basement. Not only can mold spread unpleasant odors throughout your home, some types can put your family’s health at risk. A dry basement can help keep mold from growing out of control.

The Maryland Climate is Rough on Basements

It’s no secret that the weather around here can get pretty unpredictable. Unexpected rain storms, muggy summersÖ all of this can spell trouble for your basement. If your yard or driveway slopes downwards towards your house you may have even more trouble as all of that moisture will flow downward and collect near your basement.

An Empty Basement is Still at Risk

Something we hear from many of our customers is that their basement is not at risk because they don’t keep anything in it. This mindset is only partially correct. True, if you don’t use your basement for storage you aren’t at risk for having your belongings destroyed. However, that’s only part of the picture.

Your home depends upon a strong foundation to stay in a safe, livable condition. Water damage is a very effective way to turn a solid home into a dangerous, unstable structure. If you ignore basement leakage you may find yourself with serious structural damage. At best this type of damage is stressful and expensive to repair. At worse it can lead to damage that destroys your home.

Protect And Grow Your Investment

Berlin MD basement waterproofing helps keep your home safe from damage, mold, and wasted heat, but it can also help expand your livable area. Basements that are cold, leaky, or damp do not make for great offices or family rooms. Instead, they become wasted space. However, basements that are tight and dry can be turned into additional living quarters. This gives you and your family more room to spread out and adds value to your investment.

We’ve Got Your Back

Whether you want to grow your investment, protect your family from mold, or simply want to stop panicking every time the weatherman calls for rain, we can help. Our basement waterproofing business has been operating in the Berlin area for years. We’ve experienced the problems homes in our town tend to have and we know how to fix them.

We’ve seen the damage that a leaky basement can cause. Some of us have even seen it in our own homes! That’s why we’re dedicated to making sure your basement is as dry and safe as possible. We’d love to talk with you further about what your home needs. Give us a call: we’re looking forward to meeting you!

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