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Basement Waterproofing Bentley Springs

Bentley Springs is the kind of area that stays out of the limelight, because it’s made more for families to live safe, productive lives than be the center for a lot of political or social drama. Historical landmarks like the Bentley Hills Railway station are still there for people to visit, as are natural attractions like the Gunpowder Falls creek and Prettyboy Reservoir. But most people just want to enjoy the quiet life the area provides and maybe have the crab soup at The Fill’er Up.

Bentley Springs isn’t the kind of place where big problems happen, at least, not on ground level, involving people. But under the ground is another matter entirely. It happens throughout America, and the entire state of Maryland, so it’s no surprise that it can happen in Bentley Springs too, but what many people don’t realize is that, as solid as their home may appear to be, there can be trouble brewing in the basement, especially if it’s already a wet or damp basement to begin with. But it’s a problem that basement waterproofing in Bentley Springs can fix.

Long Term Damage

Water coming into a basement as dampness or a few puddles doesn’t seem like a big cause for concern, but that’s only true in the present. What a little water coming into a basement tells a homeowner is that there is a problem or even structural weakness within the basement. Water in the soil has already found it, and is patiently working away to make exploit that weakness. This is damage that takes place on a geological scale, so it’s unlikely to become an issue next week or next month. But for anyone that lives in the home, this means that water is slowly chipping away at the walls, or pushing itself with so much pressure and volume that it is actually soaking through the concrete. The problem may not even be the concrete itself, so much as what the concrete is sitting on top of, in the case of water helping soil to move away. That means the foundation is no longer sitting on anything, causing the careful distribution of weight to be thrown off, putting stress on the structure that can slowly tear it apart.

This isn’t the type of damage that anyone will notice right away. Entire generations can live in a home with these problems slowly occurring in the basement and no one takes notice simply because the basement isn’t a place people come to very often. But if you’ve moved into a home and are in the unfortunate position of being the owner who finally has to deal with a problem once a house has reached its limit, this can hurt both the structure of your home and your budget in very real, impactful ways if you don’t deal with the problem. Fortunately, basement waterproofing in Bentley Springs is a specialty of ours.

Seasoned Professional Help

AA Action Waterproofing has years of experience in dealing with every kind of wet basement issue Bentley Springs residents may experience. When you have a water problem that you need to deal with, it’s better to bring experts like us in, rather than try to tackle the problem yourself. We can quickly, competently inspect your home, listen to your concerns, and conduct a thorough investigation of the residence. This allows us to analyze the problems that you’ve found, and go a step further to use our experience and equipment to track down the exact source of a water problem and determine why it is happening the first place.

Once we’ve determined the source and cause of a problem, we can customize a solution to fit the unique needs of your home. If a damp basement has already led to the formation of mold infestations, we will prioritize that first, as mold can lead to very serious illnesses that can affect every member of the household, especially those with respiratory conditions.

If water is coming in because of problems with the foundation, then we will undertake a repair of the foundation first. This situation is a two-pronged problem where a fundamental structural flaw has created other opportunities for damage, so the foundation’s situation must be corrected, before repairs can be enacted. If this isn’t done, the same stresses that caused cracks in the walls will continue their work.

If the work required is more preventive, then basement waterproofing in Bentley Springs becomes more straightforward. Condensation leading to damp basements can be addressed with vapor barriers in appropriate areas, such as crawl spaces, while excavating a trench around the home and attaching membrane barriers directly to the foundation can prevent any liquid from penetrating at all.

Every home has a distinct solution, but with AA Action Waterproofing we can find that solution and implement it for you.