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Basement Waterproofing Barnesville

When the village of Barnesville was first founded back in 1811, many people just assumed this little community would continue to be known for growing tobacco. In the 21st century, Barnesville has come a long way surviving the Civil War, seeing the creation of the Barnesville Baptist Church and is now a home for a diverse range of people including business people, artists, and many families that have come to enjoy the welcoming, small town ambiance of the area.

But even with a quiet, peaceful town life that is blessed with warm summers and mild winters, Barnesville residents may still have a risk to their homes literally brewing just under the surface of the places they live. For many, this may not even be a problem they’re aware of, because it takes place in such an out of the way place and on such a potentially long scale of time that it’s easy not to notice it. But without professional basement waterproofing in Barnesville, a wet basement can turn into an expensive problem.

The Slow Pace Of Water

To many people, the idea of “water damage” is an abstract one, because water is soft, wet and can’t hurt a person or home in the same way a stray baseball or a fire can. But that’s only because most people don’t understand that water’s real strength lies in erosion. Water doesn’t quickly wreck a structure, but instead weakens it over time, so that eventually the structure itself is unable to maintain integrity, and that’s when the damage happens. Water simply removes small pieces of whatever it encounters in tiny amounts, but given enough years those tiny amounts can add up. The Grand Canyon is a perfect example of what happens when water is left alone long enough to wear away at solid rock. And while a home isn’t quite the same size or scale as that great natural American landmark, that just means the places people live in are more prone to damage in a much smaller frame of time.

Water usually works slowly, but in some cases, the amount of damage it causes can be very rapid. A flooded basement, for example, is the ultimate testament to how quickly water can damage a home in a short period of time. Basement flooding happens for one simple reason; too much water has accumulated close enough to a home that it simply penetrates the basement through one means or another. This flooding may be a consequence of rare meteorological phenomenon such as a once in a decade storm that floods entire neighborhoods. Or it may be an unfortunate, natural consequence of a home being built in a low-lying area where water naturally flows downwards to where the home is located and this happens every time there’s significant rainfall in the area. Whatever the case may be, whether it’s just a leaky basement, or one that regularly floods with a layer of water, basement waterproofing in Barnesville can solve this problem.

Experienced Problem Solving

When you come to AA Action Waterproofing, you’re coming to a company with years of experience in basement waterproofing in Barnesville. We understand the climate and geology of Maryland, and the many ways that these factors can interact with each other—and an individual home—to create unique circumstances that give water an opportunity to get into basements.

If you’re thinking of finishing your basement, but realize that there’s some water leaking in, we can help you to proactively prevent this from becoming a bigger problem that can damage drywall, carpeting or any other finishes you want to apply. Vapor barriers may be sufficient if the only problem is a damp basement due to condensation. On the other hand, membranes installed on the outside of your foundation can stop water in liquid form from penetrating walls, and is an extremely comprehensive way to protect most homes. While this is less intrusive to do when a home is being constructed, before you’ve actually started living there, it can still be done afterwards, provided you are willing to allow the trench work to be done all around your home.

For other water issues, the problem may be with the foundation itself, especially with an older home that has many more years on it. If the foundation has moved, or shifted, cracks in the basement could be the result of the home slowly moving in different directions as it tears itself apart. A repair of the foundation may be required in order to keep more cracks from forming and restoring structural integrity to your home.

Every home has its unique circumstances and characteristics for how water gets in. At AA Action Waterproofing, we can provide the expert analysis and solutions to address the distinct challenges your home faces.