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Baltimore County Mold Remediation

Why Choose AA Action Waterproofing?

To all the residents of Baltimore County, Maryland: have you experienced issues with water entering into your home through leaks or cracks and thought about mold remediation services? AA Action Waterproofing has been a proven leader in mold remediation in Baltimore County and across Maryland for many years.

What is mold remediation? Well, mold spores can appear quickly after a small amount of water intrusion, as early as 24 to 48 hours after water exposure. Mold remediation not only removes mold from your home, but also attempts to prevent any future infestation through a waterproofing process.

How Does Mold Remediation Affect You?

To put it simply, mold is a fungus that grows on different multicellular strata, like wood, and can cause a great deal of harm to your home and health. There are many different kinds of mold. For example, dry rot fungus is extremely destructive to a home’s wood structure, while other fungi precipitate bad reactions for some people. These reactions range from skin or eye irritation to fever and shortness of breath.

Consider how living nearby the offshoots of the Patapsco river and climate change may ameliorate your chances of succumbing to high sea levels and super storms. These rivers lead high tide closer to the low flood plain that is Baltimore County, bringing floods and consequent water damage right to your doorstep. Sea level rise constitutes only one part of climate change, for low-lying areas, like those in Baltimore County; storm surge could affect hundreds to thousands of homes. Even subtle raises to the high tide line turn into disaster sites, especially for overburdening water and sewer systems.

High tides in Baltimore County demonstrate that being a local resident in this county means understanding storm surge is a pressing issue. Baltimore County’s risk from flooding is so great from storm surge that the County’s government website developed guidelines to mitigate the issue of flooding through mandated home construction. Also, the county has drawn up a 100 year floodplain plan to legislate future new construction opportunities to protect against major storm surges.

A 2013 FEMA flood insurance survey of nearby Anne Arundel County showed that hurricanes, like Hurricane Fran in 1996, have wreaked damages upwards of 1.4 million dollars upon that nearby area. Subsequent storms, such as 2011’s Hurricane Irene and 2012’s Hurricane Sandy, have proven that there is a high flood risk in Baltimore County. Mold growth may be an unfortunate inevitability then for many residents, especially for anyone who lives near Hawk Cove, Middle River, Back River, or Bird River.

What Does The Mold Remediation Process Look Like?

As you can see, these flooding scenarios are going to impact your daily life significantly, and so your next step should be to seek mold remediation in Baltimore County from AA Action Waterproofing. In order to become prepared for a potential flood, it is advisable to waterproof your home, which can be accomplished within a few hours or at least in a few days. The process of mold remediation starts with using HEPA and wet vacuums to clear out most of the water and parts of the mold from the space. Then, any contaminated materials are discarded and damp wiping cleans the rest of the space for re-use. Finally, the drying out of the affected space is the most crucial part of the process, so any mold spores do not regrow again.

What Are The Benefits To Choosing AA Action Waterproofing?

The experts at AA Action Waterproofing can help prevent you from becoming part of that statistic. Their 27 years of local experience with mold remediation in Baltimore County will be able to assist you in the event of any water intrusion emergency. We have also received excellent reviews from our customers.

Also, AA Action Waterproofing follows OSHA and EPA standards, as well as lead safety standards. We have a team of certified experts in mold remediation. We take numerous samples, such as bulk, air, and surface samples, of the mold to best identify the problem and resolve it carefully. Our experience handling mold remediation throughout Baltimore County makes our work valuable, because of all the knowledge and thought behind what we do everyday.