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Basement Waterproofing Aspen Hill

The Aspen trees that Aspen Hill gets its name from may no longer be in the same area as the first post office that also used to service the area, but Aspen Hill still stands as a decent if geographically confused community in Maryland. People may argue about whether or not Northgate Plaza Shopping Center or Manor Country Club are part of the community, the way Aspen Hill Shopping Center is, but no one argues with the fact that it’s a fine community to live in.

But Aspen Hill’s potential problems aren’t just confined to how to divide the geography. There are issues that may be lurking right under the feet of homeowners in the area, and this is the same potential crisis that affects many other residents not just of Maryland, but much of America. Water damage from leaky or damp basements doesn’t seem like a pressing concern, but without proper basement waterproofing in Aspen Hill, it can quickly escalate to a serious problem.

Damage That Takes Its Time

To many people, the idea of water getting into the basement isn’t a very worrying notion at all, especially if it’s in small amounts, such as a little pool, or just a damp basement with some condensation on the floor and walls. This is actually a good news/bad news scenario, in that if this is the extent of the water coming into a basement, the good news is that it would relatively “easy” at this stage to take preventive measures and stop this problem from becoming a larger one. That bad news is most people simply don’t take this early warning symptom for what it is, and continue to ignore the problem, or try to take care of it themselves with quick DIY half-measures. This is not going to stop water.

Water, as innocuous as it may seem, is one of the greatest forces of erosion on our world when it is given the one thing it requires to be truly effective; time. Water that is capable of creating small cracks a basement wall or basement floor can use that tiny fault as a beachhead to accelerate the damage process to a faster pace and larger scale. Water that already seeps into a basement, making it leaky when it rains, is just waiting for the right meteorological and environmental conditions to go from a pool to a flood. Water can change its form, turning into ice in the winter and squeezing a foundation enough that it actually lift and drop it “out of place” over the course of several winter seasons, to the point where parts of the foundation no longer rest on solid dirt and this imbalance causes the house to slowly tear itself apart.

All that water requires to accomplish this is homeowners willing to do nothing. And when the process starts, it escalates and reaches a critical point where flooding may be an issue. Mold may infest a basement and threaten the health of everyone in the home with the risk of lung infections. Whatever hopes people may have had for finishing a basement and using it as extra rooms for a home theater or other space, are off the table until the water problem can be fixed. And it can, with professional basement waterproofing in Aspen Hill.

Professional Help

The most important to do when tackling a leaky or wet basement is not trying to take shortcuts to solve the problem. Water coming into a home is a major structural issue, and trying a DIY fix is like applying a band aid to a bullet wound. Only an expert team in basement waterproofing in Aspen Hill, like AA Action Waterproofing can solve these challenging issues once and for all.

Contacting AA Action Waterproofing means having experts with years of experience come into your home to listen to your concerns, look at the problem areas you’ve pointed out, and then bring that superior knowledge and equipment to bear on the things that you’re not aware of. We understand that the water you’re seeing is just a symptom of a much larger problem, and we can find the root cause, which then leads us to the custom solution that is the most appropriate for your situation.

Once we’ve briefed you on what the problem is, we can work with you to solve it. If location is an issue—such as being in a low lying area where large amounts of water naturally accumulate from inclines—then water leakage isn’t so much of a concern as water flow control. A French drain and sump pump may be the ideal solution here. In other cases, a trench dug around the outside of the home to install a membrane barrier may effectively prevent small amounts of water from every bothering you again.

Every home will have different challenges requiring different solutions. AA Action Waterproofing can tell you which is the one that’s best for you.