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Basement Waterproofing Ashton-Sandy Spring

Ashton-Sandy Spring may be two different communities that have been brought together, but they are better and stronger as a pair than they were alone. The Sandy Spring museum continues to preserve the historical legacy of the older generations for people of the area, while Ashton Village Center serves the shopping needs of locals in the area, and both communities benefit from this union.

However, Ashton-Sandy Spring, as idyllic as these communities are, have the same potential problem brewing under their homes as many other places in Maryland and throughout the country. Water, the very same substance we rely on to keep ourselves alive, can be damaging these basements, but it can be stopped with basement waterproofing in Ashton-Sandy Spring.

Why Water Hurts

Water, at first glance, seems like one of the most harmless, useful substances in the world. It’s soft, wet, and doesn’t seem to do much other be an important part of our nutrition and as a useful addition in chemistry. But when you “scale up” water to larger amounts and put it in the perspective of a geological timeline years, a constant amount of water in proximity to a home can initially cause a damp basement. Then a leaky basement. And finally, if neglected long enough, a flooded basement that can cause catastrophic amounts of damage to a home and require extensive, costly repairs.

Water is nature’s greatest force of erosion, meaning that it can wear away almost any substance given enough time. In the case of basements, water can penetrate concrete, seeping through in small amounts, but if there’s the slightest imperfection in the way concrete is poured, it can exploit that and damage the concrete itself, creating a self-sustaining cycle of more water damaging the concrete at an increasingly faster rate. If there’s enough water, it can press against the walls or even the floor of a basement, and that hydrostatic pressure, if it builds up enough, can simply make cracks in walls and floors through sheer brute force.

Once the water is in a home, any number of things can happen. For basements that are already renovated and finished, complete with carpeting, drywall and other completed décor, all this work is damaged and will require expensive repair and replacement. If the water creates a damp, persistent environment, mold colonies can grow, spewing spores constantly in the air, and these spores can cause a serious health hazard for anyone that lives in the building. If a home is located in a geographically low lying area, significant amounts of water can regularly come into the basement after heavy rains or melts, creating a regularly occurring flooded basement situation, which can significantly hurt the value of a home, especially if no attempts are made to address the problem. Fortunately, basement waterproofing in Ashton-Sandy Spring is easy to find thanks to AA Action Waterproofing.

Expert Repairs

AA Action Waterproofing has been serving the Ashton-Sandy Spring area of years. We have an experienced team of professionals that have both the tools and the know-how to overcome any damp or leaky basement problem you have before it becomes even worse.

When you come to us for a consultation, the first thing we will do is listen to what your issues are then go and examine the extent of the problem for ourselves. We’ll look at the areas where you can see water, but more importantly, we will look beyond that to find out exactly how the water is getting in, and find the cause of why the water is getting through in the first place. Without understanding the cause of the problem, repairing visible damage like cracks in a wall or floor is just an invitation to repair them again at a later date when the water continues to exert is influence.

Once we have completed our inspection and discovered both the cause and extent of the damage, we address the problem. Every home will have a different situation. A damp basement might have the issue solved with the addition of a vapor barrier. For cracks in the floor, hydrostatic pressure or soil moving away from part of the foundation may have damaged the foundation itself requiring foundation repair. And if you already have mold in your home, this presents an immediate health threat to everyone and mold remediation should be a priority procedure for the safety of all residents before the other repair work can begin.

Basement waterproofing in Ashton-Sandy Spring is neither quick, nor easy, but with experts like AA Action Waterproofing ready to help you, it’s never a chore to get the help you need, and the problem solved professionally and decisively.