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Basement Waterproofing Arbutus

Arbutus is one of the quieter places to live in Maryland, making it perfect for families. It still has a bit of history to it, such as the Thomas Viaduct railroad bridge which is a registered historic location. It also has a strong sense of community with the Arbutus Volunteer Fire Department stepping in to help the town conduct many events for the good of everyone in the area. This is a place where a strong sense of community has built up safety, prosperity and solidarity for all.

But while Arbutians should feel blessed to enjoy the lives they’ve made for themselves in this area, they should also maintain a certain amount of vigilance. It’s easy to miss, because few people stop to give it thought, but in every Arbutian home, there is a chance that what might be a small problem in the basement can turn into a very large, expensive crisis, unless basement waterproofing in Arbutus takes place.

Limits On Your Home

One of the biggest problems with a damp or leaky basement is that it immediately puts limits on what you can do with your home. As long as water is coming through the walls or pooling on the floor, it’s simply not feasible to do the renovations that would finish your basement and allow you to take that extra space, turning it into a game room, children’s room, home theater or any other plans you may have. If you decide to ignore the water and go ahead with the renovations, the dry wall, carpeting or any other finishes you may want to apply will get damaged by water. If you repair that damage, it’s just going to happen again the next time water gets in.

The other alternative if you think you are “saving money” is to not finish your basement at all, and just use it for laundry, storage or maybe a workshop. But even in this case, the money being saved on repairs is being lost in overall home value as the problem gets worse. One crack in the floor will eventually grow larger, or turn into more cracks. The same goes for the walls, with the concrete itself beginning to degrade depending on the type of damage the wall is suffering. If the water coming in is a result of a foundation problem, then the house itself may slowly move out of alignment, resulting in uneven floors, and windows and doors that no longer fit in their frames. If the water starts entering the basement in larger amounts, then what started as a leaky basement eventually becomes a flooded basement, which can damage the furnace, fuse box, laundry machines, air conditioner, water heater and anything else stored in here. Flood damage is one of the most expensive types of home damage to repair, since so many of a home’s environmental systems are kept in the basement. Without proper basement waterproofing in Arbutus, water in your basement can lead to either flooding or foundation damage, both of which affect the structural integrity of your home, bring down its value and even affect the health of residents in the building.

Get Help From Professionals

Unfortunately, a leaky basement is not generally the kind of problem that a quick DIY solution is going to fix. At least not permanently. Addressing visible symptoms, like cracks in the floor or a wall are not actually solving the underlying problem, which may be related to hydrostatic pressure pushing water in, or an imbalance in the way weight is distributed to the foundation that is causing cracks by slowly pulling the house apart. Only professionals experienced in basement waterproofing in Arbutus have the knowledge and tools to trace water not just where water is coming in, but why.

When you contact AA Action Waterproofing for your leaky or flooded basement, you are getting a team with decades of experiencing servicing Arbutus and other towns and cities in Maryland. It doesn’t matter whether your house is old or new, uses concrete in the basement or cinderblock, we know how to track down the source of water and, more importantly, understand why the water got in to begin with, and formulate a plan to prevent this from happening again.

Every home has a different situation. For some, it is environmental changes in soil that have led to water becoming a damaging force. For other homes, poor construction in the beginning may have allowed the home to function for a certain period of time, but that shoddy work has now reached its limits and is starting to break down. In other cases, the problem is simple matter of a home’s location, and an understanding is required of how best to compensate for water coming in from other areas so that the basement is no longer overwhelmed. AA Action Waterproofing has a solution for all these challenges and more. Contact us today to find out what the solution is for your leaky basement problem.