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Basement Waterproofing Adelphi

It was the Adelphi Mill, first established in 1796 near Anacosta River from which the town of Adelphi we know today got its name. Even though that mill is now just a legacy of American and Maryland history, it’s actually still there, preserved by the careful attentiveness and respect that Adelphi citizens have for their roots. Today, Adelphi is as much about knowledge as it is about historical legacy. The Adelphi laboratory center and Army research laboratory play an important role in advancing not just Adelphi itself, but the whole of the American knowledgebase.

All this knowledge and history however, occasionally overlooks a persistent problem for Adelphi residents and many other homes across Maryland and the rest of America. With all of our attention focused on learning and growing, we sometimes forget about the world that’s right underneath our feet, which we take for granted every day. Our homes may not be as invulnerable as we assume, and that most harmless of substances, water, can be a factor in hurting the places we live. When that happens, basement waterproofing in Adelphi is the only thing that can solve the problem.

Water In Your Home

Water can get into your basement through a variety of different means, but the culprit at the root of all these problems is gravity. Gravity moves water downward, and the basement is the lowest point of your home. If your home itself is at the bottom of a slope or incline, this potentially means even more water is coming to your basement during rainfall or snow melts. In some cases, this water may be coming in simply because of poor water management in your exterior. A roof collects large amounts of water, and normally the pipe and gutter system built around the roof should carry that water off the roof and then away from the house.

Blockage of the gutter, or even a pipe that doesn’t extend far enough away from the house can cause these large amounts of rainwater to be deposited too close to your foundation, causing your basement to leak.

In other cases, the reason water gets into the basement may be more serious or difficult to track down. Tie rod holes, for example, are holes left in the concrete of your foundation as a result of support rods used during the construction of the foundation. When those rods are removed, the holes remain, and sometimes this gives water a way to come into your home.

Honeycomb leakage is another way water gets in, where air pockets or other large spaces may have formed in the concrete of your walls or floor when these were first built. Because of these larger spaces, liquid and vapor water can collect more easily and quickly penetrate a home through these structural flaws.

Even the walls and floor of a basement may crack and allow water to freely enter if there’s just too much water in the soil, creating enough pressure over a sufficient period of time to damage these structures. Then, as more water comes in, the properties of erosion that water has can make these structural flaws worse, which creates a vicious cycle where more and more water comes in. What starts as a leaky basement may eventually turn into a flooded basement without basement waterproofing in Adelphi.

How Experts Can Help

An experienced team like AA Action Waterproofing has years of experience in both repairing basements that are leaky, and waterproofing them to prevent that water from penetrating into the space. The most important thing to do when you realize you have a leaky basement problem is get professional help.

Once AA Action Waterproofing comes to your home, we can undertake a thorough investigation into the extent of the wet basement problem. While evaluating the scope of the water damage is important in understanding what needs to be repaired, the more important action to take is to discover what the cause of the problem is. Without finding the cause of a water penetration problem, water will simply find some other means to penetrate a basement once the initial damage has been repaired. This is where AA Action Waterproofing’s extensive experience and knowledge come in. A leaky basement’s problems may be structural, they may be environmental, or they may be a complicated interaction between both. We can determine exactly what role these factors play in letting water in, and plan the best course of action for solving the problem.

Your problem may be solved by controlling the flow of water into your basement. Your basement itself may benefit greatly from a vapor barrier erected around the outside of your foundation. Or you may find that your foundation needs to be repaired, and that by “mud jacking” your foundation first, then sealing cracks, this keeps water from coming up through your floor. Because every home is different and is going to experience a leaky basement differently, AA Action Waterproofing will provide a custom solution that meets the exact needs of your house.