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Basement Waterproofing Adamstown

Adamstown isn’t a big community in Maryland, but it still comes together every June for the Carrol Manor Fire Company Carnival, and has its role in the history of the country as a contested area during the Civil War. Today, Trans-Tech is one of the biggest factories in the area, providing many jobs to the people around town, and Carroll Manor Elementary school is a fine place for children to get a primary education. This is a place where people can live and grow in safety and prosperity, and it’s another fine example of the American way of life.

But, like other towns and cities in Maryland and the rest of America, being a good place to live doesn’t mean that a town is free from problems. Every person that owns a home with a basement has a potential problem, and it’s not with the basement itself, so much as what might be coming into. A leaky basement might not seem like a big problem, it’s a symptom of something that can be much larger. Fortunately basement waterproofing in Adamstown can fix this.

The Water Problem

Water is a flexible, adaptable, incredibly pervasive fluid that can take even the smallest opportunity and capitalize on it to move into new locations. Houses are designed to provide us shelter from many things, but liquid water in the form of rain, and frozen water in the form of snow and ice are the two biggest reasons we have homes in the first place. However, even a roof over our heads and walls surrounding us may not always be enough to keep water out of a home.

Water falling off a roof should, under ideal circumstances, be gathered up in a rain gutter, and carried away from the roof down a pipe and away from the home where it can be safely deposited without a chance of penetrating a home’s walls. Sometimes a blocked gutter or even a pipe that pours water out too close to the foundation is enough to give water the chance it needs to seep into a basement.

Other times, the soil itself can work against a home, unable to hold or absorb water, causing it to gather against basement walls, or even collect under the floor itself. As more water gathers, it begins to exert pressure, and because concrete is a porous substance, it can allow that water in. What starts as water seeping into the walls in small pools can eventually crack the walls, or even the floor itself, damaging the basement and structural integrity of the foundation. When this happens, professional waterproofing in Adamstown is the only solution.

The Consequences Of Water

One of the biggest problems with water coming into a basement is that it immediately negates the possibility of renovations for a finished basement. If your basement is currently unfinished, it’s impractical to start since the repeated invasion of water into the space can affect carpeting, drywall, electrical wiring, or any consumer electronics you may want to place in this area. It’s even more serious if the basement is already finished, since this means that all this damage is no longer potential, but occurs every time water appears, necessitating repairs over and over again, or simply giving in to the water damage and allowing it to happen.

If water has damaged the foundation, this has numerous effects on the entire home, including a steady acceleration of more and more water coming in. What started as a few small pools can eventually become a thin layer of water on the entire floor, and eventually lead to flooding. This isn’t just bad for the home structurally, it severely effects the value of the home, and makes it difficult to sell since most potential homebuyers—understandably—do not want to purchase a home that is already noted for basement flooding.

If water persists in a basement for long enough periods of time, that damp basement environment can eventually lead to mold infestations, which bring with them an unpleasant smell, as well as a potential serious health threat for anyone that breathes in the spores that a mold colony constantly disperses into the air.

Call The Professionals

AA Action Waterproofing has years of experience when it comes to basement waterproofing in Adamstown. Whether it is the immediate problem of mold remediation, fixing existing damage to the basement through foundation repair, or finally laying out some comprehensive waterproofing protection either inside or outside your basement, we have the tools and the knowledge to get the job done. Contact us for a consultation so we can look at your basement see where the current and potential problems lie, and then walk you through a plan to address each and every factor that may affect your home.