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Why Your Basement Needs A Sump Pump

When heavy rains and wet weather come your way, water can sometimes be found pooling around your basement. If you haven’t gotten your foundation completely waterproofed yet, this could put your basement at risk for flooding. In order to help reduce the risk of flooding in the basement, several homeowners have chosen to install sump pumps into their basement and even the crawlspace.

Removal of excess water

When you have a sump pump installed, it will be placed in a specialized hole known as a sump pit. Due to the sump pit being in a lower area than the rest of the basement, water will naturally flow down into this area. At the base of this sump pit will be the sump pump, which has been designed to remove any excess water from the basement. Once your sump pit begins to fill with water, the sump pump will instantly begin pumping away.

The mechanics of a sump pump

In order for the sump pump to effectively remove the water from your basement, the sump pump relies on its centrifugal pumping mechanics. Once the float switch on the sump pump has lifted, the interior motor is immediately turned on. This causes the motor inside to spin and create a centrifuge within the pump that will generate enough force to push water through a discharge line.

The two types of sump pumps

When you are planning to have a sump pump installed, you will have the option to choose between a pedestal and a submersible pump. The pedestal pumps will be located right above the water line of the pit whereas the submersible pumps will be located inside the sump pit instead. However, both a very effective at keeping your home safe from water damage and flooding.

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This entry was posted in Basement Waterproofing on September, 03, 2016