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What To Do When Your Basement Is Flooded

What To Do When Your Basement Is FloodedIf your basement becomes flooded during a storm, you should act right away to minimize the damage that your home might sustain as a result.

Flooding can occur suddenly or it can be a slow, gradual process. If you are suffering from minor leaks, it’s a good idea to call the professionals right away.

Leaks may start off small, but they quickly become more complicated. It’s the very nature of water damage to erode materials and worsen leaks over time.

If you have a sudden leak situation after heavy rain or snow, there are steps you can take to ensure that consequences to the rest of your home are minimized.

1) Remove Items From The Area

If the basement is flooding, it’s a good idea to remove items such as furnishings from the room before they get into contact with water. If items have already become wet, but aren’t submerged, it is still easier and safer to dry them in another location.

2) Turn Off Breakers to the Basement Area

You should do everything possible to avoid any damage to your electrical appliances and outlets from floods. Adjust your circuit breaker to ensure that no electricity is flowing toward the areas that are in danger of flooding.

3) Seal The Area As Best You Can

If your basement is flooded, your whole house is at risk of succumbing to significant air quality issues. For this reason, the door to the basement area should remain closed until professionals arrive on scene to evaluate the situation.

Preventative maintenance is a valuable investment for home owners in the AA Action Waterproofing service area. It takes a significant amount of time to drain a flooded basement, seal any foundation damage or cracks, and ensure air quality is acceptable after a flood.

On the other hand, preventative maintenance can be handled in a few hours, and can safeguard your property against floods in the current season and many seasons to come. Prepare during the winter so that spring doesn’t catch you off guard!

AA Action Waterproofing is the leading basement waterproofing company in Maryland, the District of Columbia, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. With more than 27 years of experience, we can help you protect your basement and property.

Don’t delay, call us or email us today to find out more about how we can help you. We are always standing by to help you with your basement!

This entry was posted in Basement Waterproofing, Water Damage on May, 23, 2014