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Why A Back-up Sump Pump Is A Smart Investment

All sump pumps eventually fail, and if you are not prepared with a back-up system in place you will not realize your pump has failed until it is too late. Having a back-up sump pump to help you guarantee your basement and valuables are taken care of is simple and smart. If your primary pump fails or is overwhelmed, your back-up sump pump steps up and automatically takes over. Here in Maryland where the threat of flooding is a real issue, it is important for you to be prepared so you and your belongings are not left hanging out to dry.

Back-Up Battery Operated Sump Pumps

One of the best options for a back-up sump pump is a battery operated pump. When the power goes out, as it often does during heavy thunderstorms, the back-up battery operated sump pump can continue pumping out water for up to two days depending on demand, giving you time and saving you money as you weather the storm. Your back-up battery operated sump pump will also kick in to provide extra pumping capacity during unusually strong storms that may cause more water to enter the sump basin than the primary pump can handle. Primary and secondary sump pumps were made to help each other help you ensure your home is safe and dry.

Things To Consider With A Battery Operated Sump Pump

Sump pumps were designed with dry basements in mind, and the best way to ensure this is to pair your primary pump with a back-up battery operated pump. Batteries do need to be checked regularly to ensure the pump has sufficient power to fulfill its duties. There are some battery operated sump pumps that come with monitoring devices that detect battery fluid levels and capacity for you, and can alert you if there is a loose connection or corrosion on the battery terminals. All of these features are put into place to help you properly care for your home.

What To Look For In A Primary Sump Pump

When purchasing a primary pump choose a submersible pump over a pedestal pump if your basin has the space. Submersible pumps reduce noise levels, stops debris from falling into the pit, and keep moist air from being released into your home. It is also advised to buy a pump with a cast iron core, instead of plastic. Cast iron helps to dissipate heat into the surrounding water, lengthening the life of your sump pump.

At AA Action Waterproofing we have the knowledge and experience to prevent any water crisis. If you are worried you may experience flooding your sump pump cannot handle, we can help! Our professionals can make some great recommendations on back-up sump pumps and ensure they are installed properly. So call us today for a free consultation and learn more about how a back-up sump pump can protect you!

This entry was posted in Basement Waterproofing on October, 13, 2016