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5 Health Symptoms That May Be Caused By Mold Exposure

5 Health Symptoms That May Be Caused By Mold Exposure We know that mold exposure causes physical symptoms, but do you know what those symptoms are? Knowing the effects of mold can help you to better determine if mold growth is hiding in your home, as its favorite places to call home are those in dark moist corners seldom seen by light or human hands. Mold may be felt before its seen, and with any number of these symptoms, you can clue yourself in to possible mold growth. 5 health symptoms that may be caused by mold exposure are:

  1. Wheezing – Wheezing occurs when the lungs are irritated, and mold spores are well known irritants to the respiratory system. If you find yourself wheezing with no known cause, this could be caused by mold spores coming into contact with your lungs.
  2. Sore throat – Mold spores don’t just irritate the lungs, it can also irritate the throat, and breathing in mold can cause you to wake up with mysteriously sore throats that seem to have no known cause.
  3. Headache – Mold exposure is also known to cause headaches, and these headaches are often caused by mold spores reaching the sinuses and irritating them causing inflammation. If you find yourself suffering from frequent sinus headaches, and you’re not expecting any normal allergy-type irritation, it could be mold working its way in.
  4. Exasperated asthma – For those with asthma, mold spores can be particularly dangerous. Asthma attacks can grow in severity and frequency as mold spores are breathed in to the lungs.
  5. Infection – Mold exposure can also lead to more frequent infections, and the most common of these are respiratory infections. Coming down with unexpected bouts of serious bronchitis or sinus infections are big signs that mold may be present in the home.

At AA Action Waterproofing, we want you to know the seriousness of mold growth in the home, and how mold remediation is necessary when you suspect mold could be infiltrating your space. We can help you with your mold using our diagnostics to determine the mold you’re dealing with, as well as our remediation processes designed to eradicate all different types of mold growth. To avoid mold growth in the future, we can also work to waterproof your home in an effort to keep moisture out and mold growth at bay. If you think mold may be causing your health symptoms, call us at AA Action Waterproofing today to see how you can get rid of it!

This entry was posted in Mold & Mildew on December, 23, 2015