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4 Uncommon Reasons To Waterproof Your Basement

Even though those of us in the DC/Maryland area may not like it, we cannot do anything to stop winter from coming. And, when it arrives, it’s not coming alone, it’s friends snow, icicles, and sleet are sure to follow.

Everyone loves being dry and warm, especially during this time of the year. So, it’s vital that you put basement waterproofing on your list to keep leaks and wet basements away during the cold season. Not only will this protect your home’s structure, it will do the same for the health of your family as well.

Still not convinced about the benefits of basement waterproofing? Take a gander at some of the lesser known reasons you may want to take this step:

Window wells that aren’t secured
The average galvanized window well is 36 inches wide, with a 12-inch projection. In other words, the space that water can use to enter your home is approximately 3 square feet. Usually, these windows don’t have any issues with drainage. But, in times of heavy continuous rain (or melting snow), it dramatically increases your chance of window leaks.

Expensive Insurance
The vast majority (almost 100%) of homes with basements will suffer some form of water damage at one time or another. And whether it’s from a foundation crack or a burst pipe, the cost of these damages can reach the thousands. While most of these repairs are covered by your insurance, chances are your monthly premium will go up as a result.

High utility bills
Did you know that damp air costs more to cool and heat? In other words, if your basement is damp, you’ll be spending more money on the electric bill. In fact, the US Department of Energy estimates that damp air can increase the average utility bill of the typical homeowner by as much as 20%. If you waterproof your basement and reduce the amount of dampness in your home, you can expect to save about $250 every year.

Tie rod holes
When your home was being constructed, contractors used hand built concrete forms that were made out of wood. These forms were held together with steel rods to withstand the cement being poured. The issue is, something these holes never get completely filled. The inevitable pockets leave your basement vulnerable to water seepage.

Avoid these issues with dampness and get call the experts at AA Action Waterproofing to waterproof your basement today.

This entry was posted in Basement Waterproofing on January, 28, 2017