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4 Reasons Why Bathroom Area Is Common For Mold Growth

All of us face the problem of mold in our house and business complex. When we detect the mold, half of the task is done. Now, The most important factor is why mold grow. There are many reasons that can cause mold growth in your house or business complex. When you find the reason behind it, half of the task gets sorted out. It may possible that some of your daily activities can bring a major impact on your house’s wall, window or doors.

Dictating your daily habits that can affect your house will help you to prevent your house from mold. On the contrary, the mold is the natural occurrence which is must to occur, but, taking the right precautions can make positive changes.

Here are 4 reasons why mold grow in your house.

1. Continuous dripping from Faucets

The actual cause of growing mold is moisture and water and the sink and faucet areas are the water generated areas. So, this can be one of the major reasons why mold grows. Here, your job gets active, all you need to do is ensure the well-functioned faucets, sink and tabs. If the situation gets out of control, you can take the help of professionals. Although, it is not possible to prevent completely and unfortunately mold takes its place. The professional mold remediation will help to remove the mold.

2. Attic or Surface of the shower area

Shower surface is the area where the chances are higher to have molds. The place is usually covers with body oil and soap which is the reason of mold growth. It can be the fault of human behaviour as we tend to ignore the regular cleaning of our bathrooms. But, eliminating this bad habit and cleaning the bathroom on a regular basis will prevent our beautiful bathrooms.

3. Blocked Drains

Again the cause is very common but most of the time it is overlooked by you. The clogged drain can be an another reason of mold growth. Basically, the clogged drain are because of hold water which occurs due to gathered bunch of hair, soap, grease and dirt. The blockage sustains for longer and the flow of water gets stucked which created mold on that specific area

4. Leakage behind walls

Damaging of pipe behind the drywall is the reason of mold growth. The damage can occur due to poor quality of pipe material or it has become old enough to sustain anymore. This cause dampness and humidity which is the magnet for mold spores. Ignoring these reasons not only give your bathroom ugly appearance but also weakens the base of your house.

All above reasons can be the common reasons but we usually do not give much attention which is the result of fade look and weak base of the house. AA Action Waterproofing has the team of experts who can treat with the best Mold Remediation process. For more information, contact us right now.

This entry was posted in Blog, Mold Remediation on November, 15, 2017