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10 Thought Provoking Facts About Mold

When the subject of mold comes up, what’s your first reaction? If you are like most, you are immediately disgusted. The thought conjures up mental images of ruined food, furniture, and if you are allergic, your throat closing up and other horrible scenarios.

But, mold is more than just a disgusting topic or a pain in the you-know-where. It’s actually quite interesting if you think about it. Flabbergasted? Don’t be, just check out the following compelling facts about this household nuisance and, who knows, you may learn something new:

Mold can be found in 50% of homes today. But, this is a new phenomenon. In fact, just 50 years ago, it was decidedly less common.

Mold causes a mindblowing 100% of all chronic sinus infections.

Both blue cheese and penicillin are different types of petrified mold.

Are you allergic to Christmas trees? Turns out, the allergy isn’t to the tree itself but by the mold it releases into the air.

Fire isn’t the destroyer of wood like so many of us have been taught. In fact, mold destroys more wood than termites, floods, and fires combined.

There’s a type of mold (called slime mold) that can actually move on its own.

It’s impossible to remove mold spores from an indoor environment but, you can minimize its dampness.

Mold has been linked to approximately 30 types of health issues.

If your baby is born during mold season, he or she is three times more likely to develop some form of respiratory allergy. The issue here is that mold can thrive in virtually any atmosphere and, as a result, the mold season changes from season to season.

Mold species number in the ten of thousands. Even mildew is a form of mold.

We can all agree that mold is a lot more fun to read about than it is to actually deal with. And, if you are dealing with mold, these facts probably won’t help you minimize the problem, you will need the help of a professional.

Most mold problems are caused by a wet basement. Unfortunately, the vast majority of homes with basements will have to deal with leaks at one point or another. In fact, in 2013, over a quarter of insurance claims in the United States were due to water damage. And, this number has only risen in the past few years. This is why it’s essential that you invest in professional basement waterproofing services.

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This entry was posted in Mold & Mildew on January, 06, 2017