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6 Warning Signs you need Foundation Repair

If you are buying or selling a new home, or have been settled in for a while, it is essential to know about possible signs of foundation problems. Repairing the foundation can be time-consuming and expensive, especially for people who are not aware of the basics. If left ignored a settled or shifted foundation can cause big problems across other parts of your home. At Action Waterproofing, we believe that necessary measures will definitely save you from daily headaches due to expensive foundation repair. Early detection of these problems will save you you money and time in long run.

Here are 6 critical  signs that suggest your home or building may need foundation repair.  

1. Poor Water Drainage
Poor water drainage can be a leading cause of foundation problem. So, it is very important to notice drainage problems you may have. In order to inspect or check out drainage problems, you must regularly check around your home or commercial surroundings for wet soil (if there is no rain recently) or, dry soil (if rain has fallen).

2. Visible Cracks
Any visible cracks in the exterior or interior walls of your property are another common sign that you need a foundation repair. Inspect regularly your building or home for visible formations of cracks in interior or exterior walls. Drywall, plaster Continue reading →

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Everything You Need To Know About Clogged Gutters And How Does It Affect Your Basement

You often notice in your basement that there is always a mold and moisture which not only give an ugly look but also weaken the wall and basement. This needs to be checked and repaired as soon as possible. Ignoring these signs can occur many other problems that can lead you with a high cost and expense. The clogged gutters plays the main role in growing these problems. AA Action Waterproofing have been continuously delivering the effective results to get rid of the clogged gutters. Also, this article will help you to know how clogged gutters are damaging your house’s basement and weakening it day by day.

Why does your house need a Gutter?

The main use of the gutter is to collect the rainwater and channel it to suspend and get away from your house. This way, it can be helpful in maintaining the dryness to get rid of the mold and moisture from your house. The better functionality of the gutter play a vital role in order to give you a safe and beautiful house. This is a significant aspect in your house to throw the excess water from your foundation or basement. The proper maintenance and care of the gutter will deduct the possibility of clogging so that your basement can be the strongest grip of your Continue reading →

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4 Reasons Why Bathroom Area Is Common For Mold Growth

All of us face the problem of mold in our house and business complex. When we detect the mold, half of the task is done. Now, The most important factor is why mold grow. There are many reasons that can cause mold growth in your house or business complex. When you find the reason behind it, half of the task gets sorted out. It may possible that some of your daily activities can bring a major impact on your house’s wall, window or doors.

Dictating your daily habits that can affect your house will help you to prevent your house from mold. On the contrary, the mold is the natural occurrence which is must to occur, but, taking the right precautions can make positive changes.

Here are 4 reasons why mold grow in your house.

1. Continuous dripping from Faucets

The actual cause of growing mold is moisture and water and the sink and faucet areas are the water generated areas. So, this can be one of the major reasons why mold grows. Here, your job gets active, all you need to do is ensure the well-functioned faucets, sink and tabs. If the situation gets out of control, you can take the help of professionals. Although, it is not possible to prevent completely and unfortunately mold takes its place. The Continue reading →

This entry was posted in Blog, Mold Remediation on November, 15, 2017

What is the Connection Between Soil and the Stability of a Home’s Foundation

Have you ever heard or wondered that using high quality supplies in the early stages of home building will guarantee the stability of the foundation? This is not correct completely! No doubt the kind of equipment you use will help in keeping the foundation strong. But it is not the sole factor here. The biggest factor is the soil on which you home is and will be built upon.

This is the reason soil is an important engineering decision of the building process. The foundation of a building needs to be on strong and stable soil. The strength of the soil decides if it will be able to support a skyscraper or wouldn’t even support the weight of a human. An unstable soil will lead to the foundation of a building to sink, crack or fall.

This is why, today we will talk about soil and and how it affects the stability of a home’s foundation:

Types of Soil

There are several types of soil and every soil is different from each other. All of these soils have their own unique properties that makes them distinct from each other. And these features can drastically impact the foundation of your home. A few of these soils are:

Sand – These are granular materials that cover the beach sides. It comes in Continue reading →

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4 Benefits of investing on Professional Mold Removal Services

Have you suspected that your home is affected by the molds? Are you noticing excess moisture in your home? Is there a sewage backup or plumbing leak? If your answer to these questions is yes, then, you must take the right steps to get rid of these serious problems without any delay. Molds not only affect your home, but, these can be fatal for your health too. Some type of molds can affect your health by causing high fever, dermatitis or  asthma attacks.  Hiring professional mold services can help you to get rid of this problem. Mold removal services involve identification of issues arising from mold and solving them whether it is from a commercial building or home.

Let’s go through the major benefits of investing on Professional Mold Removal Services for your Home:

1. Thorough and Careful Cleaning
The mold removal professionals have a vast experience and possess an extensive knowledge to undertake a project and execute it properly. These professionals use various cleaning agents and advanced equipments which are not easily available at your home. In addition, when you try to get rid of molds on your own,  there are more chances that you could expose yourself to serious health hazards.

2. Minimise the Spreading
Removal of molds can be easy and it may be very simple in Continue reading →

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3 Essential Things About Basement Crack Repair You Should Know About

Foundation walls are meant to support the weight of your house. Moreover, by resisting the moisture surrounding your house, you get to live in a dry and stable environment. So, when cracks in your foundation wall appears, it is a major issue that needs to be resolved fast. These cracks could be due to a number of reasons such as concrete issues and most importantly water. This can lead to mold growth and damage your valuables.

Basement Crack Repair

Unlike Basement crack repairs, fixing of foundation is not quite that simple. Also, there is no one type of crack, both foundation and cracks are of different types that need to be handled accordingly. So, let’s understand a few important things about foundation before hiring a professional for the same:

1. Types of Foundation Cracks

Diagonal Settlement Crack – Heer the footing gets settled along with the foundation wall. The reason being, the soil beneath the footing gets eroded. The main culprit here is the water that you can downspout away from the house.

Foundation Failure – It’s not a common one as there is abnormal cracking patterns and excessive cracking involved. The best solution here is to build a second foundation altogether.

Normal Hairline Crack – One  of the most common types of foundation cracks, they usually result during curing process Continue reading →

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Why DIY Mold remediation is a Bad Idea

It is obvious that you can do various things by yourself, but it does not mean that you can do each and every job around your home by yourself. Sometimes, it might happen that you need to call professionals. When you needed a mold remediation DC, it is important to call an experienced professional such as the environmental consulting or Contracting Group!

DIY Mold remediation









Reasons why DIY is a bad idea:

Cam make Things worse:

The mold is not only about having blue, black, or green smudges on the wall. But in reality, it is airborne in the home all time which can quickly spread itself over a large area inside the home, if it does not handle in a right way. Basically, the brushes can works magically in your home in the dirt of your household but, a DIY treatment by using the brush or vacuum on the mold can make it actually worse. Most of the homeowners think to do the things themselves just to save the money but in reality, this can cost more in the long run as you risk your health as well as home.

Consequences with DIY:

There are various kinds of molds which can be easily grown in your home and each has certain characteristics as Continue reading →

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How A Cracked Foundation Affects Your Home

Having a crack in the foundation is surely not a good sign for your house and that can lead to several problems which will affect your house value. A cracked foundation is easily noticeable but we tend to ignore it that can result in a broader way. It’s necessary to inspect your foundation on a regular basis. The root of the crack could be pressure and water. The entrenchment of water makes the structure weak. To get an authentic repair of your foundation, A Action Waterproofing will be a better option in order to have an authentic and long term repair.

It is advisable to keep inspecting the foundation as the base is the most important part to ensure the strength and longevity of the house. A cracked foundation can be the cause of many damages inside and outside of your house and this can be costly as well. Opting for A Action Waterproofing means effective work at low cost. Let’s consider the consequences of a cracked foundation you can face.


If there’s a crack in your foundation, this can be a call to be repaired immediately. The minute you notice “crack in the foundation”, the first thing comes in your mind is, are we safe? Safety is the first priority for everyone and for that, one needs to Continue reading →

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All You Need To Know About Basement Waterproofing

Having a basement in your home can offer great value to you and your family in multiple ways.  A clean and fresh basement can give you plenty of extra space for storage or living.  It can offer great strength as well to your home. But many times home owners fail to utilize their basement due to improper or no waterproofing.  If you do not know how to have the best waterproofing for your basement, then here is everything that you need to know about basement waterproofing.

Importance of Basement waterproofing

Basement waterproofing is a preventive method that protects and prevents the damage of your property because of water leakage or flood in the basement.  To have the best result in this waterproofing work, it is essential to follow particular drainage and sealers plan.  Without proper planning and implementation, water could go to basement walls and flooring via hydrostatic pressure.  With proper waterproofing, your home stay protected from mildew, mold, and any structural damage.

Structural damage

Benefits of basement waterproofing

Basement is often damp and moist in many houses that cause the growth of mold. Eventually this may become a big problem for your home, that will affect your family’s health as well. With proper waterproofing, you eliminate the chances of fungus growth in your home, and it makes your home a healthier Continue reading →

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Your guide to basement moisture control


Basements are often synonymous to Damp and Shady and places, and this attribution they have, is not based on mere imagery. Basements have a tendency of being soaked up and really damp. These places are actually the base of any building and if not properly ventilated or left open, absorb a lot of moisture from the concrete foundation; evaporation causes indoor humidity and gets the basement its infamous attribute! These actually cause the walls to get flaky and rot in due course. The way out?
1. Ensure proper Ventilation:

Remember that an airy and open basement is always away from risks of such dampening. Ensure that all exhaust fans and windows are in proper condition. Getting the evaporated air flow out is the best way to save your basement.

Ensure proper Ventilation

2. Basement Waterproofing companies:

If you wish to get the best way out of these damps, it is always advisable to hire a Basement waterproofing company which will provide a professional take at the issue and get rid of cent per cent.

Basement Waterproofing companies

3. Using a Dehumidifier:

Placing some dehumidifier (depends on the size of the basement) in the corners is a great way of getting rid of basement dampness. They prevent condensation and help in getting the desired results.


4. Open the basement door once a month:

Remember to open Continue reading →

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